Animal Crackers. Pony & Puppy Play with Mistress J!

dscf2566Happy Halloween! And in the spirit of the day, I will talk about a niche fetish, Pony Play…

You might be asking yourself why would someone want to be an animal? Animal roleplay of sorts has been around for centuries. A tribal member would sometimes take the form physically and often spiritually of an animal that was either revered or hunted.

Humans and animals have also had a close connection since time began. The horse, dog and cat being treasured friends. Both the human and the animal sharing a co-dependent relationship that is far from dysfunctional.

Recently, I had the honor of photographing some sexy animals and their handlers. It was loads of fun, and I even go to play a little.

Ride, Sally, ride!

Ride, Sally, ride!

One gentleman enjoys being a pony. Being a take charge kinda guy, he loves the feeling of submission to strong sexy women. Being a very fit Ironman athlete, he loves to have women ride his back and take him for a walk. While he prefers the feel of a naked woman straddled across his shoulders,

Mistress J did not do a nude photo shoot, so you will need to use your imagination on that one pervs.

I have had this particular pony over to the studio and have indeed straddled his strong, lithe back between my bare thighs. I felt his rolling tendons and had to clamp my thighs tight around him to stay astride. We walked all around the upper floor of my home. He was a good pony handling my weight well. I only had to use the crop on him twice. He was rewarded with carrots and petting afterwards.

Other folks like to be dogs. Dogs love the attention and affection lavished on them by their humans. 

Humans love the seemingly unconditional love they get from their pets, and pets thrive when loved and cherished by their owners.

“Happiness is a warm puppy.” ― Charles M. Schulz

“Happiness is a warm puppy.”
― Charles M. Schulz

Since many people have an altar ego, it makes sense that that altar ego does not need to be human. Who hasn’t admired the majesty of an animal running in the field or flying in the sky. Their grace and beauty is astounding. Their intelligence apparent, and when one connects with an animal it really is magic.

In some cases, pet play is seen as a loving, quiet cuddling time where there is no need for verbalization and the simple act of stroking, rubbing and holding the other partner is satisfying or reassuring in and of itself for those involved.

dog-walkingFor still others, there is the experience of power play setup in a context or structure which they can accept. Clearly, again, it depends on the people involved and what they bring to it or take from it.


All in all, Mistress J is very fond of animals.


Intrigued? Contact me.

If you are curious about my style of Feminine Domination, or animal play, I invite you to contact me for a session in my San Jose studio.

Mistress J Studios is a sex positive studio that provides a safe place for personal expression. Nude male photography, male and female submission, cross dressing and gender bending are welcomed and encouraged here.

My email is  I am in San Jose, California.  I look forward to hearing from you.


And the winner is… Click here to find out what is most requested.

I know many of you have been hanging by a thread since my last post, wondering what the most requested service is over here at Mistress J Studios, in San Jose, California. Well, since it is the holiday season, I’ll tell you.



It’s pegging!  

What is pegging some of you ask? It is getting poked in the butt with a rubber dong that is strapped around my hips.

It is amazing how many men desire the ultimate in role reversal. Remember that saying “It is better to give than to receive” ? My clients and I tend to agree, as I REALLY enjoy giving it good to a guy and having him take it like a girl!

The anus has thousands of nerve endings, thus making it a pleasurable experience when done right. Here is a link to Bliss Connection’s blog on 9 Tips For pain Free Anal Sex.

Pegging often goes deeper than just pleasure. I hear over and over, how my cis-gendered male clients want to give up control, to be taken, to surrender. Because of anatomy, even if they identify as submissive, their penis demands that they penetrate, and in most cases, move their hips.


The magical mystery tour is dying to take you away..

In pegging, the boy and the girl trade places. She gives, he receives.

I love it. I am the one who controls the warm-up, the pace, the depth and the position. I tease and deny. I teach. Often, I will instruct my client to try a slow teasing technique the next time he has PIV sex. Certain positions give him a chance to feel leg fatigue, a common occurrence with the Cowgirl pose.   When the man wants to jump right into  the pounding, I hold him back, reminding him who’s in charge, and dictate the pace.

I see what the male sees, and he sees what the female sees. Pegging leaves me exhausted, and him often energized. Does this sound familiar folks? In this role reversal, the female gets a taste of how the man feels and what he does. They do a lot of work ladies!

Please don’t think for a minute that straight men who like pegging are secretly gay. It’s not about that at all. A straight man is not gay if he wants  to be pegged by a woman.

In our  deeply misogynistic culture,  men are raised with the fear of being labeled as someone who acts like a woman. How dreadful is that! (sarcasm) I mean, what man wants to be like a girl? Isn’t the man supposed to in charge of sex?

Charlie Glickman and Aislinn Emirzian, authors of The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure: Erotic Exploration for Men and Their Partners, claim “straight men who get into anal penetration are among the most secure in their masculinity: because they’ve examined themselves, faced their fears.”

They go on to say “The idea that penetration is an act of dominance is almost certainly tied in to sexism and the notion that the woman’s role is inferior. Plenty of men have absorbed these ideas at a subconscious level. Even if a man doesn’t think it is an act of dominance when he penetrates his (male or female) partner, he may still hesitate to switch roles because he is afraid that it will mean losing his masculinity if he takes a turn catching instead of pitching.”

We’re steeped in a culture of prescribed sexual roles for men and women, so it’s a thrill to break the “rules”. I see a man enjoying the feeling of vulnerability he’s not accustomed to. The taboo of being penetrated is (for some) is what is exciting. Yes, it feels good, but here is a respectable, Dockers wearing, alpha man being bent over my couch and taking it in the a**.  He has given up control and all he can do is spread his cheeks and smile. How fun for him!

And fun for me too. There is a feeling of power and responsibility for me. This man trusts me with his most valuable assets, (pun intended) his body and his dignity. And I take that role very seriously. I always start off gentle…

Since sexism goes both ways, one of the reasons pegging desired so often here is because my clients want it, but can’t get it at home. Many say their gal thinks it’s silly or emasculating. I think that attitude is what is silly. What can be more manly than a man feeling comfortable enough with his partner and share his deepest desires, whatever they are? And one where she can express and explore hers?

Pegging breaks convention, it liberates, it connects. And it feels good.

Just to be clear, Mistress J believes in consent from both parties, and one should never do anything that is not to their liking or something they find distasteful just to please another person.

Intrigued? Contact me.

If you are curious about pegging and Feminine Domination, I invite you to contact me for a session in my San Jose studio.

Mistress J Studios is a sex positive studio that provides a safe place for personal expression. Nude male photography, male and female submission, cross dressing and gender bending are welcomed and encouraged here.

 My email is  I am in San Jose, California.  I look forward to hearing from you. 408-896-5836.

Mistress J is Pervy, Even in Her Free Time!


The Armory in San Francisco.


Last weekend (4/25), I had the pleasure of attending a cocktail party and filming at‘s Upper Floor (TUF) at the Armory in San Francisco.

This was a fun evening. My partner and I got dressed up and enjoyed appetizers and a glass of bubbly while watching the models and crew create porn. They were initiating a new house slave.

We were “extras” on the set. There to provide color and movement in the background and of course look interested.

Interested we were! It  is exciting to see any type of filming. Earlier this year, I was in the audience for a recording of The Big Bang Theory (BBT) at the Warner Bros. Studio in LA. This live porn shoot had it’s similarities and differences to that shoot.

There were less cameras on the set at Just as many lights, and we got to see the models warming up for the shoot, just as we did in LA for BBT.

There is a lot of prep involved, sometimes models have to stand on boxes for a better angle. There are pauses, retakes, & blunders, and many things the viewer doesn’t see.

The models and crew are treated well, are cared for, and their comfort and safety is a priority. Everything is pre-negotiated, and no one is doing anything they don’t want to do. The male model has a tough job, as he has to stay “focused” the whole time and cum pretty much on command.

photo (1)

Mistress J loves Victorian furniture!

The Upper Floor (TUF) is a great space! The decor is sumptuous, and resembles a Victorian parlor. As guests, we are encouraged to play. TUF is very male Dom heavy and I was one of the few FemDoms there that evening. I enjoyed being looked at by the male guests and could feel my actions being scrutinized.

My partner and I had negotiated our play on the way to SF. His job was to service me. He knelt on a pillow and orally pleased me, then gave me a very nice finger bang and I squirted on the Upper Floor! He obviously did his job well.

I think every young male should see a live porn shoot to see and understand that while the models are enjoying their job, they are being told what to do, and their actions are to make money. While the sex is real, it is not real life sex. Men should not  assume all women want sex such as this. Communication and consent is sexy, so talk before you poke hun!

I know this is a different blog post than what I normally write, but I hope you enjoyed it anyway and learned a little about me.

If you are curious about  Feminine Domination, I invite you to contact me for a session in my San Jose studio.

Mistress J Studios is a sex positive studio that provides a safe place for personal expression. Nude male photography, male and female submission, cross dressing and gender bending are welcomed and encouraged here.

Intrigued? Contact me. My email is  I am in San Jose, California.  I look forward to hearing from you. 408-896-5836.


Let My Fingers Do The Walking! Enjoy FBSM

Who doesn’t like a massage? Massage is not an indulgence but a necessity. We must take care of our bodies in order to function at 100%man on table.

They don’t need to be clinical to be therapeutic. In fact, sensual touch has healing powers beyond measure.

My Full Body Sensual Massage (FBSM) validates my client as a breathing, sensual being. My massages are without judgment around you being a naturally erotic, sensual person. I bring the attitude that I am giving something to you, and not trying to get something in return. You surrender to me, let me take control,  and allow your body to be my plaything.

Most of my clients have deeper needs than sore muscles. They crave a sensual intimacy missing from their everyday lives. Intimacy generally refers to the feeling of being in a close personal association and belonging together.

I hear over and over desires of letting go and letting someone else take control. Many want to experience surrender in a gentle way. Others crave sensuality and vulnerability.


You’re in good hands with Mistress J.

By now, you are probably thinking “Speak English woman! What does this all mean?” Let me begin by describing a session.

With all sessions, we will spend a few minutes discussing boundaries, desires and expectations. I explain that restraints and blindfolds are optional and get your views on that. I discover your likes and dislikes on my various tools and share safewords.


You are led upstairs to my massage room. Candles are lit, the room dimmed. A soft citrus scent lingers in the air. You get undressed and wait for me on the table, breathless with anticipation.

I have carefully chosen music for this experience. As the music begins to fill the room, I lightly touch you. I start to lead you down the road to bliss, using your body as my plaything.

After a bit of soft teasing, I apply my signature massage oil. I have sexy massagea very unique way of applying it! 🙂 Different levels of pressure are applied to your body. Nothing is off limits to me. I touch your feet, knees, thighs back, glutes, etc.

Then I flip you over and do more of the same! Stress and tension melt away. Your body tingles and your senses are heightened. You have lost the need to go somewhere, perform, or ‘do’ anything. You are mine, and you like it. Surrender never felt better.

If you are curious about FBSM and Feminine Domination, I invite you to contact me for a session in my San Jose studio.

Mistress J Studios is a sex positive studio that provides a safe place for personal expression. Nude male photography, male and female submission, cross dressing and gender bending are welcomed and encouraged here.

Intrigued? Contact me. My email is  I am in San Jose, California.  I look forward to hearing from you. 408-896-5836.


Why is Mistress J a Kinkster?

folsom 2

A good Girl Scout at Folsom Street Fair 2014.

Mistress J is a perv, just like you.

Now don’t get your panties in a bunch, I mean perv with the sincerest form of affection!

Lately, it seems I have been getting a lot of questions from folks on why I do what I do, and do I like it? The answer to that is YES! I love being kinky and sharing my experiences with other pervy people.

I am a FemDom, I don’t switch or play the submissive role. Why? And what does that mean?

Well, from the time I was a very little girl, I knew I was a Feminist. Much to my family’s chagrin, I questioned traditional gender “rules” not so much as the roles.

I was taught what so many women were told since time began. “Give in to a man, don’t make him mad, and don’t be bossy or demanding.”

Told repeatedly to put her needs third, it is interesting a little FemDom sprouted up from this environment. I LOVE being dominant. The reasons why are complex. Perhaps I like  being in control over men because it is the exact opposite of what I was taught to do as a young girl.

A good boy obeys the Girl Scouts.

A good boy obeys the Girl Scouts.

What does a FemDom do, you ask? She asserts her power over men. SHE is in control. In my personal life, I only date submissive men. My professional life is one of a Dominatrix in San Jose, CA. My men like to give up their control to me and let me lead for a while.

Now, try as I might, I cannot be completely selfish in nature. When I lead, I think of us, rather than just me.  I also have a very loving and nurturing nature.

Does that make me weak? No, because it brings me pleasure to think of others. It pleasures me to watch a man submit to my loving authority. And, it pleases me to see a man in what might be a traditional female position.

In my world, we are two people who consensually come together in the role they desire.

I like manners and respect for women. I like a man who considers her needs. My needs are to sensually/sexually dominate men. And I like it when my needs are met!

If you are curious about  Feminine Domination, I invite you to visit me for a session or photo shoot.

Mistress J Studios is a sex positive studio that provides a safe place for personal expression. Nude male photography, male and female submission, cross dressing and gender bending are welcomed and encouraged here.

Intrigued? Contact me. My email is  I am in San Jose, California.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Please Allow Me to (re)Introduce Myself

At long last my naughty new website has launched! 

Welcome readers to my new blog and website. Take a look around and enjoy the view.

Today, I will reintroduce myself to all of my readers. I am Mistress J, Erotic Photographer, Feminine Dominant and Transformation Artist.

Many of you have read my blog posts and know what I do. This blog tells you how Mistress J came to be.

For as long as I could remember, I have been a Feminist. Born in the Midwest and raised with traditional patriarchal views, I always bristled at the notion that women could not do something simply because they were women.

I am not exactly referring to choice of occupation, such as a woman wanting to be a plumber or electrician. I do feel women should do what they want for a living, even if I had no desire to do that type of work. I am referring to things such as having to be in earlier than the male child, the assumed role of domestic goddess, the Madonna complex, etc.

I always needed a better reason than “you are female, it is your job.”

I also questioned the double standard of sexual freedom of men v. women and was told “that is the way it is.”

I remember admiring women who were in control of their sexuality, doing what (and who) they wanted  and living their life their way. Think Mae West and Marlene Dietrich.

Deep down, I didn’t agree with these patriarchal views, but didn’t know about alternatives. As I got older, I didn’t even know about kink. Eventually, I heard about it, but didn’t feel the need to explore it.  Until one day.

From the moment I picked up my camera I have been a voyeur. I became a photojournalist and my camera opened the door to many things, court-side seats at basketball games, backside passes at music events, meetings with politicians, crossing police tape, etc. Granted, I had to provide a service for those privileges, but don’t we all? My camera allowed me to participate from the sidelines, to watch, AND be in a spot of some importance. My images were respected and admired. On the side,  I was growing a wedding and portrait business which eventually turned into a full time job.

The years passed, and I started  to do boudoir photography for women, and I was naturally good at it. It was during these shoots I noticed an exchange of power that titillated me. Through advertising, I started to get a few phone calls from men who wanted nude photos of themselves for various reasons, slowly, I took these men on as clients.

It was also during this time I went through a very messy and painful divorce. I mention this only because that experience catapulted Mistress J to the surface. Trauma changes you, and in my case, it brought out my sexy, dominant side. My camera introduced me to a culture I didn’t really know about, but once I started exploring, realized I fit into it quite nicely. I also discovered I belong on top.

In the vanilla world, I felt I had to keep some of my discoveries on the down low, suppress my feelings of power, desire and art. I often felt like an outsider. In the kink world, I do not.

Mistress J likes to command. She loves to command with her camera. She loves to direct and watch someone strip themselves figuratively and physically of their clothes and trappings and reveal a piece of themselves inside. She loves to feel that intoxicating power of unleashing that energy and creating a beautiful photo. She enjoys seeing a man weep with gratitude having given him a safe place to show his feminine side in a world that only celebrates masculinity. She enjoys giving that shy guy or gal the experience of feeling confident & beautiful in front of my lens, even if it is only for a short while.

She is me.

I invite you to share that experience with me.

Intrigued? ? Contact me. My email is  I am in San Jose, California.




Upcoming Event: Queen for a Day!

2012 is all about being who you are!

Mistress J understands that while often simple, men can be complex. That is why she started her business in the first place, to capture life’s complexities.

Miss J is a very understanding Domme, and realizes there are many men in this valley who desire domination by a woman. These men are not weak, but actually rather strong. They know what they want and need and try to seek it out.

That is why Mistress J has teamed up with Miss Tanya Love from A Place for Chainge and wants to encourage men and women to express themselves and be who they want to be.

In the D/s culture many straight men have the desire to cross dress or be a sissy boy. That desire might stem from the admiration of Female Dominance. Maybe something else, but Mistress J and Miss Tanya strive to serve the community by having you boys serve us for a night!

Come celebrate your inner girl at Queen for a Day! Queen for a Day is a fun, swanky night for sissy boys and cross dressers. You won’t want to miss it!

Join Miss J and Miss Tanya at their first annual Queen for a Day party! Named after the popular hit TV show from the ‘50s, Mistresses Tanya and J invite all of the boys to come and flaunt their feminine side.

This evening will give you the opportunity to step outside your comfort zone and move past the confines of your home. Mingle in a safe public place with other like-minded people!

Pull out that outfit from the back of your closet and have some fun. There will also be a fashion show and awards given to the top 3 beauties.

The Mistresses want to meet and socialize with other dominants, so please feel free to attend if you don’t have a special sub. You might find one here!

The Dommes will offer appropriate amounts of humiliation and beatings. There will be opportunity to shop for jewelry and makeup and have your photo taken with Mistresses J and Tanya or your Domme. We will have food and drinks available, but NO alcohol.

Find out more and register at Ticketleap.

Fun Excuses to Invest in That Boudoir Photo Shoot

Have you always wanted to have boudoir pictures taken but haven’t quite come up with the perfect excuse? Here are a few fun reasons to invest in that boudoir photo shoot:

  • The pictures make great gifts! They are a perfect way to commemorate your upcoming anniversary, celebrate your engagement/wedding or say “happy birthday!” or “happy holidays!” to that special someone.
  • Boudoir photos can make time stand still. Do you want this moment in your life to last a lifetime? Commemorate your new relationship with individual or couples photos that express your love and attraction towards each other.
  • They can help you empower yourself. Whether you’re single or in a relationship, boudoir photos can be a fantastic affirmation of how sexy and beautiful you really are.

What are other reasons you recommend investing in a boudoir photo shoot? I’d love to hear what inspired you!