A Good and Faithful Servant. Tag Teaming Tiffany into Submission.

Mistress J was going to have a special guest (the Landlord) over for afternoon refreshments. Her servant for the day was going to be slut Tiffany, who flew into town just to serve Mistress J and the Landlord.

As Mistress J was completing her outfit, the slut, being a good employee, arrived 10 minutes early, quietly entered through the servants quarters, and went upstairs to get into her maid’s uniform. Mistress J did a quick inspection to make sure slut was presentable for her quest, and did any necessary adjustments to her ensemble.

Before Tiffany was allowed downstairs, Mistress J collared her with a basic hard metal collar that locked. This collar was a gift from a previous visitor and Mistress J thought the basic collar suited Tiffany and would look especially attractive against the ruffles of her frilly latex maid uniform.

Tiffany knows when she is collared, she must obey everyone in Mistress J’s house. Including her cat Reggie. Reggie demanded food and pettings and he received them.

As they waited for the guest to arrive, Tiffany was instructed to prepare the refreshments and make sure the house was tidy. She ran around with a duster, doing any last minute touches.

The landlord arrived, Tiffany took his coat and led him into the living room, where she supplied the refreshments while the two important people talked. 

While Tiffany is a willing maid, she’s not a very talented one. She dropped a tray of cookies, and while trying to clean them up, she stepped in them, making the mess worse. Mistress J was very embarrassed.

The Landlord was mad! How dare she treat Mistress J’s house so poorly. He ordered her upstairs for punishment. Tiffany was scared. She knows punishment is severe when she upsets these two, but realized, as a servant she has no choice to obey her betters.

Mistress J put the slut behind the glory hole board and told her she’d have to pleasure anything that stuck itself through it. Tiffany had to write degrading words on her side of the wall. Then, the landlord and Mistress J took turns sticking their cocks through the hole for her to pleasure. Her mouth looked so cute open and ready for the next object to slide down her throat.

Tiffany, on her knees and obedient, sucked cock like a champ. Slurping, swirling and occasionally chocking, she pleasured each cock that appeared. Finally, the bitch was ordered to press her little but against the hole. Mistress J fingered her pussy for a while, then they went into the playroom.

Tiffany had to suck the Landlords cock some more. Then, when finished, she had to suck it again. In fact, Tiffany was on a cock sucking marathon and sucked his cock probably for at least 35 minutes. Yes, the Landlord can last a long time! 

Landlord put Tiffany on the spanking

What is Miss J doing to Tiffany?!?

bench. Which is a very fun tool for three people. Mistress J used the Hitachi wand on her pussy, while Tiffany continued to please the Landlord. When her pussy got good and wet, the dynamic duo decided to tag team the little slut and took turns fucking her.

Mistress J went first, ensuring that tight little pussy was fully stretched and open for her guest. She added lots of lube to make her cunney was dripping. Then, she invited the Landlord to pound her while spread across the bench. He pounded her so hard the bitch was sliding back and forth on the bench. They were both panting hard and moaning. Mistress J took pictures.

Tiffany begged for mercy so her pussy could rest. She’s not used to being pounded so hard. The Landlord slipped his dick out, pulled off the rubber and stuck his cock back in her mouth. Mistress J sat on a small chair, placed her head on Tiffany’s flanked and  milked her while she pleasured daddy. Tiffany came on a towel on the floor and still could not stop doing her job.

Mistress pulled her off the bench and had her kneel on the floor by her red sofa facing the dresser. She couldn’t see Mistress J, but the Landlord could. As Tiffany continued to suck him, he watched Mistress pleasure herself to climax. Tiffany could hear her, but not look. The site of Mistress enjoying herself made the Landlord explode all over Tiffany’s face and open mouth. The dirty whore liked it. She licked him clean and licked every bit of cum off her face. 

Tiffany was wiped out from nearly two hours off sucking and fucking. But a good servant aims to please. And she was very pleased with what the Landlord aimed at her!

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