CFNM. Clothed Female Nude Male.

I dedicate this blog post to loyal reader Roger, this is his favorite topic. I write this in the morning before my afternoon photo shoot, where a lot of CFNM will be going on.

CFNM. Clothed Female Nude Male.

shoe webWhat the heck is this? I know many of you are asking, so I will tell you. The definition is taken from that reliable source Wikipedia.

“One-sided male nudity can also arise when a male disrobes for the sexual pleasure of a woman or other women, such as in a BDSM and/or sexual activity, as an indication of sexual submission, or as part of a male striptease. The objective of this type of scenario is that the male is denied the sexual pleasure of seeing the women in the same state of undress, and is not in a position to dominate the scene.

One-sided male nudity is also considered by some to be a form of sexual objectification of men or as a role reversal, whereby the male assumes a subservient sex role.”

That pretty much sums it up. As you know, Mistress J likes to dominate her sessions. And, as you know, Mistress J Studios is a sex positive studio that provides a safe place for personal expression. Nude male photography, male and female submission, cross dressing, gender bending is welcomed and encouraged here.

My main clients happen to be the submissive male and cross dressers. I think it is because I know how to make people feel safe.  And when men are stepping outside of traditional gender roles, or trying

A man adoring the lady's foot.

A man adoring a lady’s foot.


something they might perceive as a hidden desire that might be considered dirty and out of the norm, it puts them in a vulnerable spot.  I also feel male submission is a way for men to express their desire to worship and express their adoration of women. But the word submissive isn’t bad. At least not in my mind. In a world where women are still taught to serve men, being served is a wonderful experience.

I could go on and on about the psychology of why some men might want to be submissive and then have it photographed, but as I have said before, that is another blog post.

I will say, I understand that some men crave this. They want to have a woman tell them what to do, control them even if only for a brief moment in a private space.  The photographs capture this moment, providing a souvenir. Men also long to be perceived as attractive, many want to be objectified. A photo session with a skilled photographer such as myself ensures the experience of being a model along with the technical skills of creating a good photograph.

So, a submissive male session usually consists of me, Mistress J fully clothed and photographing the male in submissive poses. Since the sessions are sensual, I photograph my client and all of his, shall we say, attributes. Some even want a little FemDom thrown in, and please stay tuned, because that WILL be my next blog post!

Ladies, it IS OK to dominate a man, so long as you both desire it!In her personal life, Mistress J has a houseboy who likes to come over and help around the house.  Here is a photo of him serving me wine in his “uniform”. I enjoy his company, and enjoy his help. He is a good cook and handyman. He also likes to dress up on occasion and become Tanya.

So yes, things are pretty interesting here at Mistress J Studios.

Intrigued? Contact me. My email is  I am in San Jose, California.  Look for my website launch this month!

BEHIND the Scenes at Mistress J Studios!


Adonis by Mistress JBaby Got Back!

I write this post Monday morning listening to Sir Mix-A-Lot’s song Baby Got Back, or I Like Big Butts. Mistress J is dedicating this post to the wonderful curves of the male behind! This post will be heavier on photos than text, but, I am sure you won’t mind.

I Cannot Lie…

Many of you are probably wondering what the heck happened over the weekend to inspire such a post. I could go into details, but that is another blog post, and besides, that happened two weekends ago…

“I like em round and big.” But seriously, the male butt is not given the attention it deserves. As an admirer of most things male, Mistress J loves photographing nude men, and LOVES a juicy rump. Just as many male photographers enjoy photographing the female form, I dig the male form.  So book your session and show me the goods! I might just have to sink my teeth into you. Again, another blog post, but I digress.

How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count the Ways           BW Butt Miss J

I think most people are drawn to their opposite or the unfamiliar. I love the strength and hardness (no pun intended) of the male body.  Since I am able to connect deeply with my clients, I see the

other side that often remains hidden and love showing a bit of the vulnerability that all men have.  If you recall from a previous post, I am influenced by art and particularly drawn to classical sculpture and architecture. I was an avid reader of Greek mythology and I think some of these images evoke the strength and power of Greek sculpture and neoclassic paintings.

This was one of my first ever butt photos and still a favorite. I met this model in 2009 and we struck up a friendship. I have used this image many times on the web and in print and it is in a beautiful hardcover album of sensual images. 

artistic buttThat album has been displayed at many events and trade shows and this page ALWAYS comes back with lots of finger prints! Women like him and love to stroke his back. Many like the hair on his back and  tailbone, though some have expressed a preference for smooth.  Hair or no hair, his backside commands attention and I will be forwarding this blog post to his so he can get a warm glow of satisfaction, among other things.    You can see I have a fondness for sepia colored images.

sub in front of cross Mistress J

Bow down like a good boy!

Perhaps you are not aware that I offer optional FemDom services in a photo session? Care to feel the sting of a whip or just want to submit to my feminine power? We can do that.  My studio has a beautiful handmade cross ,  sensation devices and will soon boast a VERY unique chair and table.

Mistress J StudiosThe image on the right is of  someone I have had the pleasure of working with twice, and playing with once. He is the quintessential alpha male and submissive as hell. I love it! Unfortunately  he moved to the land of 50 Shades of Grey and we no longer see each other.  Always up for exhibitionism and experimentation (provided I don’t show his face), this gentleman has the body and mind to put a Mistress in heaven.

I Wanna Get Wicha and Take Yo Pict-cha!

Back end By Miss J

Once you go back…

That’s right, I do. You would not be reading this blog post if you weren’t a little curious or naughty, or even a bit of a perv.  Let’s create some magic. I can photograph your front or your back, or anything in between. Curious about FemDom? I don’t blame you, I would be too.  I am a unique Dominant combining the artistic with the altruistic.

Intrigued? Contact me. My email is  I am in San Jose, California.  Look for my website launch this month!

Mistress J Studios is a sex positive studio that provides a safe place for personal expression. Nude male photography, male and female submission, cross dressing, gender bending is welcomed and encouraged here.

Please Don’t Lose That Butt!

P.S. If you have forgotten the words to Baby Got Back, or perhaps are unfamiliar with the song, click this link. In fact, shake things up a bit and read this post and blast the song from your desk at work. It will make Monday much more exciting and set the tone for the week!

Photographing the Non-Submissive Male. Personal Reflections From Miss J

Happy Thursday folks! Did you have a good Hump Day? I sure did. Mistress J has been a little naughty this week, but I won’t go into details today. That is another blog post…

Male Dom by Mistress J

A very Hitchcock inspired photo.

This week I will be discussing a very controversial subject for a FemDom studio such as mine. It might even shock you a little to hear. But believe it or not, Mistress J sometimes photographs Male Dominants! I hear the shocked gasp of readers, but it is true. After all, Mistress J is a smart and savvy business owner, so why turn away a man just because he happens to be Dom?

All of my clients, male or female, Dom or sub want the same thing, an experience. That experience depends on the client and it is my job to find out what it is they are looking for.

The Titillating Effect of Power Exchange.

One of the things I enjoy most about my work is the connection I make with a client. When I work with a submissive, it is a awesome feeling watching them unfold before me. As I have said before in many of my posts, I often see things nobody else does. Not even their spouse. That responsibility comes with power. Power titillates. It excites. Yes, I am saying it; I feel a sense of excitement during a session. That feeling is pure FemDom combining my acute artistic eye and tender compassion into an erotic session. If I could bottle that feeling and sell it, I’d be a millionaire.

Male domNow take a male Dom. He does not need to unfold. He is already there. Powerful, defiant, unabashed. He might have his submissive with him who obeys his every word. But he is there for a session, he has hired me. An interesting situation being the client who pays for what he wants, to a Mistress who dominates in photography. As accommodating as I am to my clients, Mistress J is in complete control of her studio.

The Eyes Have It.

An interesting factoid: Submissive men tend to look downward and eye contact is slow to meet. The dominant male enjoys staring at Mistress J, as if to peer into her soul and try to dominate her.  ey eye

This is Where it Gets Interesting.

I still get excited during a session with a Dom! But it is different. I know my cameras, I know lighting, I know people. With 20 years photography experience and 15 managing drunk people at weddings, it takes a LOT to shake me. But they try. I get a thrill off the stare down, the subtle forms of defiance that they might do, feeling that the shiver down my back. Sometimes it amuses me, sometimes I even get a little angry, and sometimes I even let them think I backed down a little. But I always get the shot I want and that makes me Mistress J.

Mistress J Studios is a sex positive studio that provides a safe place for personal expression. Nude male photography, male and female submission, cross dressing, gender bending, and even male Doms are welcome here.

Intrigued? Contact me. My email is  I am in San Jose, California.  Look for my website launch this month!

Cross Dresser Gallery

You Go Girl!

Mistress J is proud to provide a studio where girls can be girls, and even men can be girls!

I offer transformation services. Let me do your makeup, hair and let’s dress up and photograph your beauty!

If you are feeling like a naughty little girl, I just might have to punish you…

The Submissive Male

Sub manAh, the submissive male! A favorite of Mistress J.

Do you hunger to submit to a beautiful and powerful woman? Feel the need to be tied up and secure, or perhaps you are in need of some discipline. Maybe you just want to serve.

As a PhotoDomme, I love to photograph the vulnerable side of men. I provide a safe space for men to shed their tough exterior and let their subby side show through. I will direct the scene and take you on a emotional ride much more fun than Space Mountain, and with all of the images on a CD or provided memory stick.

I can be a part of the scene, or it can be all about you. Come join me at the studio. It will only hurt if you want it to.


Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

Happy New Year Everyone!

I am so excited about this New Year and all that I know it will bring! Not just for me, but for my readers, the world, the Nancy 4universe and my cats.

What better way to start the New Year off but with a blog post? My resolution is to write much more frequently, so stay tuned, check back often and if Mistress is naughty, don’t be afraid to tell her so.

Crossdressing in a Time of Cholera.

christy web3My post today is on two recent sessions I had with the fabulous Nancy Darkrose and the captivating Christy Lee. These sessions were as different as they could be, yet remarkably similar. First, they were similar in the aspect of being the same customer base.

Both of these clients are straight married men. Both are successful. One is a father. Both like to have sex with women and are not bi or bi-curious. They are male in every sense of the role society has expected of them except for that one thing, crossdressing.

In other words, they are men who have a side to them that identifies as female. They wanted Miss J to capture this side because they know she is understanding and knows how to photograph beautiful women.

These ladies requested feminization and photography. Mistress J also knows a thing or two about makeup and application and total transformation were a part of these sessions.

Have I dazzled you with my talents yet? Keep reading, there is more.

I could go on and on about the cultural and psychological aspects to crossdressing, but alas, that is another blog post, and one I am not sure I want to get into. The bottom line is this: Mistress J Studios is a sex positive studio that provides a safe place for personal expression.

Now, on to the fun stuff!


domming nancy

Nancy submitting to Miss J

Nancy walked into my Sunnyvale studio and my jaw dropped at the sight of this powerful alpha looking male in front of me. Normally a woman of discretion and decorum, I blurted out “Are you really submissive?” Nancy laughed and said yes she was, but had to hide it in order to succeed in the high tech battleground of Silicon Valley. You see, Nancy had requested feminization and Femdom services. Not only did she want to be transformed into the lovely lady that lingered inside, she also felt the need to submit to a powerful and beautiful woman (me) and have this process documented on film. For the next 2.5 hours I brought Nancy out from behind the veil of masculinity and alternately teased, provoked, spanked, humiliated and exploited her. She loved every minute and left a satisfied customer.

What was so fascinating about this session was visually seeing and feeling the feminine side come out. Like I said, Nancy as a male is alpha. He exudes confidence and male energy. (He is also sexy as hell, but I digress.) As I slowly turned Him into Her, the mannerisms changed, the testosterone subsided, the submission took place and Nancy emerged. This does not imply that women are naturally submissive. The submission came about because she had the freedom to become herself and let go, under my guidance of course.

nancy(2)Who is Nancy? Nancy is a sassy gal who is also a bit of a bottom and likes it! Nancy loves bling, bold colors, big jewelry, leather boots and lacy drawers. She also enjoys being told what to do…

Christy Lee

I photographed Christy in my home studio. She arrived in a rather delicate emotional state. I am not quite sure what Christy does for work, but the minute I met her I knew I had found the kindred spirit of an artist. Christy, like many, have had to suppress and hide this side of her life, and after a brief discussion, I realized how much this pained her. To paraphrase and possibly misquote her “It feels so right, but we are told it is wrong.”


After going through her outfits and deciding on a wig, we applied her makeup and I custom blended her foundation.  When I showed her my handiwork she was so pleased. Again, during the transformation Christy emerged christy webfrom her male counterpart. I loaned her my jewelry for the shoot and even brought out my collection of vintage screw back earrings that belonged to my great Aunts.  I don’t use these very often because my ears are pierced. We chose an elegant black cocktail dress, reddish brown wig with highlights and pumps. The look classic and understated. Her words when she saw herself decked out “Pretty.”

Who is Christy? Christy is serene, a lady. Christy Lee is old school feminine. Doors are held open for her, chairs pushed in. She is dignity and class.

It means a lot to me to be able to share my gift of photography with people to bring out sides to themselves that might remain hidden. It shouldn’t have to be that way. That is why I created my studio.

christy web2

I look forward to more sessions such as this and of other kinds.

Intrigued? Contact me. My email is  I am in San Jose, California.