Brittany’s Job Interview

Brittany wanted a job as an entry level secretary at Mistress J Studios, a job she was completely unqualified for.

Distracting the interviewer with a glimpse of stocking.

Distracting the interviewer with a glimpse of stocking.

Brittany got the interview by lying on her resume. She had no office skills aside from knowing how to use the phone from her years as a phone sex operator. She dressed with care hoping her attire would cover her lack of skill.

Mistress J conducted a conventional interview, asking the standard questions. Brittany admitted to not knowing how to type well, she didn’t understand email, and the copy machine was well above her grasp.

Sensing that the interview was going down hill, Brittany casually slid up her skirt, exposing the lace on her stocking. She flashed a big smile to make it seem like an accident.

“Well Brittany, it appears you really can’t do anything.” Said Mistress J. “Do you have any skills you can bring to the table?”

“I do Mistress,” said Brittany rather timidly. “I can suck cock and be a good little slut.”

"I do have one skill," said Brittany

“I do have one skill,” said Brittany

Concerned by the look of disbelief on Mistress J’s face, Brittany pulled out a large zucchini from her purse and demonstrated her oral skills. The zucchini received quite  a sloppy and noisy blow job.

Brittany did a pretty good job performing fellatio on the zucchini, and Mistress J was impressed enough to continue with the interview. However, Mistress J needed concrete proof of Brittany’s sluttiness. Sucking a vegetable was one thing, but sucking a Lady Cock was quite another!

Brittany performs well during the aptitude test.

Brittany performs well during the aptitude test.

Pulling her strapon with purple cock out of her desk drawer, Mistress J put it on. “If you really want this job you better suck me good,” she told Brittany.

“Yes Mistress, I will do whatever you say. I really need this job.” She got down on all fours and enthusiastically sucked Miss J’s cock. She slurped, sucked, bit and deep throated until Mistress was satisfied. She gagged a few times and almost threw up, but being a lady, she stopped herself.

“You did a good job Brittany,” said Mistress J as Brittany carefully reapplied her lipstick. “I think we have room for you in our organization. Please go to HR and complete the paperwork.”

"I really am a clumsy girl."

“I really am a clumsy girl.”

Brittany was so happy to get the job! After thanking her new Mistress, she stood up and stumbled at the door, dropping her pens and resumes all over the floor.

As she bet over to pick them up, she accidentally flashed her panties and butt. You see, her skirt had ridden up her long, sexy legs, and Mistress J could see both London and France.

“Oopsie, I really am a clumsy girl,” Brittany said with an apologetic smile.

Mistress J leaned back in her chair watching the little slut leave. As she straightened her desk, Mistress J smiled to herself and thought of all the delicious spankings that clumsy wench was surely going to receive while in her employ.

It was going to be fun disciplining her!

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