Mistress J Goes on a Photo Shoot!

Today (May 6) is my birthday! And, my gift to you is a link to my photo session and a description of my experience!

I bought  Groupon for Krazy Zexy. I remember Kamran from when we were both in the wedding photography business. I knew he was a great shooter and had been doing boudoir photography for a while. I think by looking at his website, you see how good he is with posing and lighting. He is also very good at capturing the smoldering sexy woman lying just below the surface, a skill you don’t learn in school, but are born with.

Kamran recognized me when I emailed him and I told him these were business photographs and I was now a Bondassage practitioner. We had an email consultation about outfits and accessories and planned a date.

I was told to expect to be at the studio for about 3 hours. I arrived at 9 am on a Monday and had professional hair and makeup done. That was about an hour and a half. Then I sat a bit with Kamran.

This is when I was pulled out of my comfort zone. You see, Mistress J is used to being in charge. She is in charge of her sessions (as you all know). Even when she ran her vanilla photo business she was in charge. But here, I had to turn myself over to someone else and that’s a bit tough.

It started out like on of my sessions. He had me sit down and asked ME questions! Can you believe it?  Questions about my work, personal life, how Mistress J came about, what did I want to convey, what were my hard limits and safe words.

After what felt like an hour of questions, but what was really only 15 minutes, we began to do the photos. This was the fun and the hard part. Hard because I was on the other side of the lens. I had to hold the uncomfortable poses. I was the one insecure about my short legs and such. But it was also fun being the center of attention. I got to be elegant and fancy. It was all about me I was the receiver and not the giver. This was exciting and new, and also a little uncomfortable, as I am most comfortable giving.

I got to experience what my long time client Frank experienced during his first of three photo shoots with me. I got to be the model. I was put on display and admired, and my hair looked good too, how fun is that!

The shoot went longer than three hours, almost five. I guess Mistress J is a muse for many, and Kamran was so caught up in me that we went over. 

Here is one of my favorite images from the shoot. I think it captures my sassy and playful side, don’t you? 

Enjoy the gift of looking at me today. I hope to hear from you soon.

Mistress J