Spring Time is Swing Time! A New Item at Mistress J’s.

Ryan lost a bet.

We were racing our turtles, and his lost, so he had to be my kinky handyman in the playroom. I had a fabulous new toy, so I gladly put him to work.

Stud finder. Enough said.

Ryan had to hang my new sex swing. I like my handymen to wear a specific uniform (nekkid), which he enthusiastically changed in to. He grabbed his tools and set about finding a strong ceiling beam to attach it to.

Ryan gave a new meaning to the term stud finder, pun intended. He found a support beam and picked a place on the ceiling. Up it went. Next, we had to test it out.

Who better to test out the swing than the man who put it up?  I put his naked ass into the swing and blindfolded him. I spun him around and we laughed as his feet hit my closet, Ryan is pretty tall. He hopped out and I put him on his tummy facing downward.

In this position, I simulated pegging him. We noticed his head was really close to the wall. I swung him back and forth, and if I did it vigorously, he would bang his head on the wall! This was not good. swing

I told Ryan he had to fix this problem and find a new place to hang the swing. I was irritated about this, and decided on a suitable punishment for putting an unwanted hole in the ceiling.

New spot found and tested. Now, on to the punishment!

a humble man

I’ll turn you into a humble man…

I cuffed Ryan to the cross and had him bend over. I grabbed his cock and balls and pulled them backwards, a little rope isolated his balls. Next, I grabbed a few dowels and rubber bands and made a homemade humbler.

He needed to be humbled for his error. Ryan is a good handyman, but in the past has made a few mistakes in my playroom. He needed to think long and hard about these blunders. Bad Ryan!

Great balls of fire!

Goodness gracious, great balls of fire!

I flogged Ryan’s back and used my cat claws on delicate areas. The problem with this punishment was, well, he enjoyed it. How was he ever going to learn?

“Get down on all fours.” I ordered, He complied.

I rather like predicaments, so I put him in one. And it was a dandy. Anal hook inserted and fastened to the wall, hands cuffed behind back, head resting on the floor. Next, a little foot torture. I hoped he was learning the error of his ways.

I quickly got the impression he liked where my feet were. Let’s just say Ryan was rising to the occasion! This was a very stubborn man who was not feeling remorse for anything.

badI got out my cane and swatted his bottom. “Repent!” I yelled.

Ten, eleven, twelve hard strokes. Finally a whimper escaped his mouth. Three more firm wacks to make sure. Satisfied he was going to be more careful next time he worked for me, I released him.

“Forgive me Mistress, for I have sinned.” Ryan said.

I decided to forgive him and we made an appointment for following week to hang my new blinds.

If you are curious about my swing, flogging, caning and my style of Feminine Domination, I invite you to contact me for a session in my San Jose studio.

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