All Wrapped Up and No Place to Go.

all wrapped upFor some, the ultimate way to surrender is tight bondage. The feeling of complete immobility due to a tight wrapping of plastic wrap, rope or chains gives a feeling of helplessness that can be quite appealing to a busy individual. With all control and decision taken away, there is no other choice but to submit.

Those tight restraints, whatever they may be, can feel like a pair of warm arms wrapping the receiver in a comforting embrace. Those who enjoy bondage, like that feeling. For them, it is safe and secure.

Most of my clients are men. I live and work in Silicon Valley, which has a high stress work environment for most. I am proud to say my personal work environment is not stressful (for me anyway) and the only office politics I have to deal with involve my cats. The tech environment is practically nonstop, very competitive with lots of male posturing going on. With all this pressure, there needs to be release.


This client wanted his head and tummy free.

Bondage alters the balance of power. A stronger partner can be rendered helpless, which in itself is  an unusual experience for most men, being rendered helpless by a woman.   A naturally active individual is made passive, forced to be still. Not being able to move is an unusual experience for most of us. Those that like it, CRAVE it. It concentrates the mind in a unique way. The experience can also be very meditative, after all, what else can you do when you are tightly wrapped and lying down?

Mistress J is rather fond of using plastic wrap, duct tape and bondage tape. After a discussion with my client I become aware of what areas he might not want wrapped. I always oblige, I want him as comfortable as possible.

Some folks are claustrophobic and don’t want a hood. Others may have tummy issues and need  a bare midriff. Some might want their hands and feet free, while other wish them tightly bound. Sexy parts can be left open, the face. nipples, genitals, knee caps, etc. Those areas, if negotiated and agreed upon, can be used for my pleasure and his or her torment.

german cat

Sarge is admiring the German flag made out of duct tape.

One of my favorite bondage buddies loves being wrapped in plastic wrap, then likes the added hold of duct tape. This type of session allows me to do artistic tape work. The man in question is German, so I used this opportunity to demonstrate my flag making skills with duct on his back. My cat Sarge inspected my work and gave his meow of approval.


One small step for man…

It is very important that the Domme never leave a wrapped up person alone. I called my other German friend Helga to help me watch my bound Deutsche friend. She was thrilled to help and wore her favorite dirndl in honor of the occasion. It isn’t very often she gets to use a German man as a footrest! Sarge quickly discovered a new resting place, and hunkered down for a nap.

Since I get a lot of requests for this type of session, I wanted to see what all the fuss was about and had a friend wrap me. I am claustrophobic, and could not wear a hood without hyperventilating so we settled on a face mask.

I did enjoy the wrapping and resting. I relaxed until I had to use the facilities, then was quickly cut out and released. Note: One should have an empty bladder before being wrapped.

Miss J wants to see what all the bondage fuss is about.

Miss J wants to see what all the bondage fuss is about,

An advantage to tape bondage is the quick cutting with safety shears. My client emerges much like a butterfly out of the cocoon. 

Intrigued? Contact me.

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Mistress J Studios is a sex positive studio that provides a safe place for personal expression. Nude male photography, male and female submission, cross dressing and gender bending are welcomed and encouraged here.

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