The French Whore.

My favorite Frenchman Emile, came for another visit and was ready to rumble. I don’t see him often, as he lives in France, but when I do, things get nasty.

Emile was horny and needed to be fu**ed. He also had a penchant for lacy underwear and being treated like a sex object, so I turned him into Nana, the namesake of a story written by another famous Frenchie named Emile.

Nana was dressed in her finest fishnets, along with the appropriate streetwear. I handed her a purse and she stood in the corner waiting for a passerby. Soon, Mistress J strolled by and was propositioned by Nana. Nana’s offer was too good to pass up, so we wandered over to the other side of the room.

I handed her a 1 Euro coin, left over from when I visited Europe and told her I bought her cheaply, and she needed to do everything I asked. She agreed, and put the coin in her purse.

This little whore was made to do what she does best, suck dick. I placed her in front of my wall of cocks and instructed her to show off her skills. She had to please those rubber dicks and if I saw her neglecting one, I’d shove her throat deep on the neglected cock, making her gag. The bitch gave several sloppy and loud BJs. I think these were very satisfied cocks. During the blowjobs, I told her to buy something with that Euro, like an ice cream and to think of me while she ate it. She drooled in compliance.

Drop them!

I got so turned on watching her satisfy these cocks, I had to have my way with her. I’ve seen this girl before and knew that her boy pussy was rather tight.  Last time,  I was not able to get my cock in her, but was determined to this time. She dropped her panties and bent over. I toyed with her pussy first with a gloved finger, then moved up to bigger and better things. When I felt she was ready, I slid my dick into her and when I made it in, I yelled “Viva La France!”

I finally got my money’s worth from this harlot. We were both amazed and satisfied. And, like a true French whore, she smoked a cigarette after sex. 

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Viva la France!