Milking Table Massage

I am pleased to be able to provide the Milking Table Massage experience for the adventurous gentleman.

This first-rate massage is like no other, Yes, you will experience lots of the sensational sensation play by the hands of Mistress J, but you will also experience a gravity enhanced orgasm.

Why? Because of the custom cut out in my table. This hole allows your cock and balls to dangle freely and grow as large as it can while long, sensual strands of precum slowly drip down.

I climb on the raised table with you and play with your body in all the ways you have come to expect with me. Soft touch, slow sensual massage with warm oils, fabulous body to body contact, fluffy toys. Perhaps you’d like a little prostate massage? A little electrical play? It can be done.

Then, when I feel it’s time, I slip under the table to massage your member. I stroke, tickle and tease. As I play with my toy, I can literally feel the build up in my hands. Cocks get incredibly hard and the pre-cum dripping is incredible. You experience the sensation of being reduced to a dripping cock. That’s why it’s a milking table. I am literally stroking the milk out of your member. It’s utterly sexy! When my guest finally does explode, it comes from deep, deep within, and the amount released is extra generous! 

The view under the table. I’ll light a fire for us. I have a nice wedge to rest my head so I can comfortably milk you into bliss.

The Milking Table Experience is a superior massage experience, and I offer one and two hour sessions.     

60 minutes $400     2 hours minutes $600