The Bond-a-Milk Session

Can you imagine a Bondassage® session becoming more sensually sweet than it already is? I have created a session that will knock your socks off, make your jaw drop and send you to the moon and back. My two hour “Bond-a-Milk” session combines the art of Bondassage with my new gravity defying Milking Table.

This upscale and sensual experience brings you to capitulation. You cease to resist control, and you love being a submissive plaything for me, Mistress J.

First, you are commanded to take a steamy shower. As you exit the bathroom, I blindfold you and lead you to my playroom. You are collared and cuffed, and led to the table, where you are bound, blindfolded and head phoned. You cannot see, hear or escape. You are vulnerable, very vulnerable, and your manhood is left free to dip to the floor below.

I tease and massage your body. I explore your holes and tickle your toes. I torment you with sensual (or sadistic) flogging. Hot and cold temperatures caress your body. You are used and abused in various (consensual) ways, rough or gentle, or, both!

Finally, I slide under the table and play with your cock in various ways until you explode, releasing something primal from deep within you. 

You are spent and happy you took the time to allow Mistress J to to pamper, and play with you. You deserve this treatment. Afterall, submission never felt better…

This delightfully deviant session is two hours in length and is $700. I will not do shorter or longer Bond-a-Milk sessions.