Sexy Screen Siren Heats Up Mistress J’s Studio!

Cuffs or crop?

Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of photographing scream queen Debra Lamb in my Nude photo by Mistress J Studiosbeautiful Sunnyvale studio. Debra and I have similar artistic visions, and she chose Mistress J Studios because I specialize in high quality sexy and erotic photography.

.One of my favorite things about working with Debra is she knows her angles, how to move, and can immediately get back into a pose if she has to stop. That is the main difference between working with a professional actress and a non actor. Knowing the angles and poses helps so much.

Debra also isn’t shy at all! She is willing to try anything, bare it all and have a good time.

Debbie Does Dommina

She is also incredibly flexible and supple.

I hope you just take a moment to enjoy these photographs of a beautiful and talented woman.

If you want sexy nude, fetish, kink or boudoir photography, visit Mistress J Studios. I have a large private and beautiful studio in Sunnyvale. I can take care of all of your photographic needs.

Until later,

Mistress J


I have a flogger and know how to use it!

Nude photos by Mistress J Studios

Mistress J Loves Men!

Mistress is mad.

I have been looking at many other kink photographer’s work and while beautiful, the focus is usually women. I enjoy the female form as much as the next Domme, but the male body rocks too. I am on a mission to end this imbalance of representation! My goal for 2011 is to get an exhibit going featuring the gorgeous male body nude and in various kinky ways.

I love the strength of a man’s arms and shoulders and the way the masculine contours

Mistress J photographing the male form

Mistress J loves strong shoulders!

absorb the light and shadows. The male form begs to be photographed in black and white. Look at this photo on the right. Don’t you want to run your hands across his strong, wide shoulders, down his arms, up again and down his back? I do.

I also think the male body lends itself to more mystery then a woman’s. Perhaps

What is under the blanket?

I am just partial. I love the combination of strength and sensuality, and at times even a little vulnerable. Since photography is composed of contradictions, light and dark the male physique is contradictory too. It is both hard and soft. Smooth and rough.

So, as I end my post on the beauty of the male form. Think of ways you would want to see Mistress J photograph various male subjects. Comment on this blog or email me at I’d love to hear your thoughts and get a dialogue going.

-Mistress J