Mistress J Gives Thanks!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and the year is winding down to a close. I thought I would dedicate this blog to some of the things I am thankful for.

The first and most important is my health. I am very thankful to be healthy! I am able to do two of the things I love to do, take photographs and run.

On Sunday, I participated in the Big Sur Half Marathon and set a new personal record. I did this as part of an amazing fundraising organization Team in Training and I raised $2150 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. I received many donations from the “alternative” community and I want to publicly thank everyone who supported me.


Nude male by Mistress J photography

I am also thankful the universe has guided my passion of photography to work with one of my favorite subjects, men! I love the male body and feel fortunate that I get to document the exciting sinews of the submissive male.

I like what I do, and am looking forward to the upcoming months to get my kink on! I hope you get yours on too. Let me photograph your secret passion. I promise, it will only hurt if you want it to.


Intrigued? Contact me. My email is Mistressjstudios@gmail.com.  I am in San Jose, California.


About Mistress J


Genderbending and Heteroflexibility

Women have been given the permission to allow their sexuality to be more fluid. We are given the permission at a young age to brush each others hair, sit close and  it is always permissible for two women to sleep in a bed together, in a non-sexual context without any type of questioning of their sexual preference. It is also acceptable for women to wear pants. It is hard to believe this was not socially acceptable not that long ago.

Men don’t have it so easy of course. They must keep their sexuality in check. It seems society makes it so they can either be gay or straight, with no in between. These past few months, I have had the opportunity to have some frank and intense discussions with a few gentlemen on the topic of what heteroflexibility means to them and their sexuality. The discussions were incredibly varied, detailed and passionate.

The gentlemen in question all agreed to being curious to exploring their curiosity under the loving  guidance of a Mistress (me). But that is another blog post.

Today, I am going to discuss a photo session I had with a man named Moe. Moe is what many consider a man’s man. Rugged, sun kissed and manly, this country boy cowboy on occasion flirts with his feminine side.  Moe is successful in business, a caretaker of his aging mother and horse trainer. He also has an affinity for women’s clothing. He likes to flirt, hide his male parts and express himself in ways one might consider feminine.

This of course must be done in private, which is why he came to me. He does have a bit of an exhibitionist streak, and allowed me to use his photos. So it is an interesting dichotomy.  Compare these two images. The first he presents himself as a confident man. The gaze is straight on, looking at me (my camera) boldly in the eye. His legs are open and his manhood exposed. To me, his body language and gaze are inviting the viewer in for sexual contact. Per my customer request, I have blocked out his manly bits.

The second image shows him to be more vulnerable.  His pose is demure submissive, feminine. Men are not supposed to hide their genitals. The other half of the population suffers from penis envy, so expose your junk man and be proud of it! Is he ashamed? Maybe. The pink backdrop was deliberately  selected for this shoot, after all real me don’t like pink.

Moe then brought out his lady garments and I helped him become one of his favorite alter egos “Goth Girl”.  Hose, corset, dress, veil and a quick application of makeup transformed him. It does not matter if he can pass for a girl. That is not his objective. Moe wanted a safe place to document his other side. My studio provided that.

In my upcoming blog posts you will see a reoccurring statement from me. Mistress J studios is a sex positive studio. My studio is a safe place and create art of a sensual nature so my clients can expose a piece of themselves that may remain hidden most of the time. I take pride in producing high quality photography. Every session is custom designed for each client. During a session you receive from me my undivided attention, my time and talent and commitment in making your photographic and artistic yearnings come to creation.


Intrigued? Contact me. My email is Mistressjstudios@gmail.com.  I am in San Jose, California.

About Mistress J

The Male Submissive and the Photographer

The male submissive. Does that sentence conjure up images of wimpy men brow beaten by a shameless shrew of a wife? Media images of the submissive man have shown the man to be much smaller in stature, Imagesuper thin weak and almost effeminate compared to his large bossy and brash wife. But is this true?


In my experience, the male submissive is complex. Often he is very successful and could be considered Alpha in many respects. If traditionally the male is told he is the leader, to be dominant, why would a man go against convention and submit to a woman? This goes against biblical writings and preaching and shatters the foundation of traditional family. Why would a man want to do this?

The answer is as complex as the man himself and cannot be answered in a single blog post.

I will tell you of MY experiences as a FemDom, as Mistress J, erotic photographer. I think it comes down to yearning. For whatever reasons, when we reach adulthood and start experiencing sex there are deeply ingrained desires we often ignore or don’t understand.  Some have the need to serve or to be controlled or bullied. Some are either born naturally submissive or an event triggered this desire.  The reasons are as varied as there are people on this earth.

As Mistress J, my clients come to me in search of a release. I call myself a “Keeper of Secrets.” My clients have shared with me sides to themselves their wives, friends, coworkers do not know, and they trust me. They come with a pent up desire to communicate something to someone who will understand. Perhaps to even feel desirable, if only for an hour.

Others have come with a curiosity of what a Domme and BDSM is like. An erotic photoImage session is a unique way to get introduced to this kinky world.

Based on the D/s dynamic the photographer controls the scene and works within the subjects limits, pushing extracting, pulling. Negotiations always take place before the scene, I give aftercare, and touch base a day after to check in. This is all done under my loving female authority.

For me, as the photographer, I do get a feeling of power having my male subject reveal himself before me. I enjoy pushing him. It is a difficult thing to literally and figuratively undress before a camera. I enjoy watching the layers unfold. I often get a sexual charge, and combined with my feeling of power and control I feel my FemDom emerge.

As an artist, photography has been my way of expressing myself. I have allowed my camera to speak for me for over 15 years giving voice to my beliefs. I have been an activist, philanthropist, anthropologist and journalist all behind my lens. I have felt that taking a portrait has always been more than just capturing what someone looks like. As Mistress J came into being, it was a natural progression for me to seek out the submissive male and dominate him with my camera.

Intrigued? Call me.