Tiffany’s Revenge. Because two sluts don’t make it right.

This is a fictional story compiled of two different sessions. The subjects have never met each other whatsoever. Please read and enjoy, and remember, no sluts were harmed in the writing of this blog post.

Tiffany thought she was the only horny, petite-sized Asian slut who came to Mistress J and had a complete wardrobe to enjoy.  Little did she know Jade was going to invade her territory.

Jade was the new girl in town. A little shy, very inexperienced, but very, very willing. She asked Mistress J to give her some makeup and deportment tips, which Mistress did, but the transformation unleashed a wanton wonton of a horny girl, eager to have her holes filled by the boys on the football, debate and badminton teams.

She went through Tiffany’s giant bag of clothes and selected her schoolgirl outfit. I believe this is what upset Tiffany the most, having another girl go through and wear HER things! The effrontery of it all. Jade even copied Tiffany’s hairstyle. Shameful.

Pleased with her new look, Mistress wanted Jade to show off to her fans. Jade did a sexy dance on the balcony, kicking her long legs and showing off her panties, which contained her chastity caged clit.

After the dance, the schoolgirl underwent severe slut training since she was rather virginal. She had to learn to give a sloppy BJ by sucking all the boys standing nearby with their dicks out. If she didn’t do a good job, she had to do it again. She became rather parched and experienced a bit of lockjaw, but handled it like the trooper she is.

The afternoon ended with Jade getting pried open like a can of tuna, legs suspended and wrists secured to the table. She then lost her virginity by Mistress J. Her poor pussy got tired quickly, and she needed a break. Overall, Jade made  the honor roll with her slut training, and hopefully she’ll wear appropriate clothing under her graduation gown.

After reading such a story, you are probably wondering what Tiffany’s revenge could be. Why would she be jealous of another slut? Well, that’s how it is in the slut world. The competition is fierce.

Tiffany, refusing to be upstaged by an upstart, begged Mistress J for a session where she could prove she was the bigger slut. Donning a short red hairdo and pink panties, Tiffany was ready to face the music. She had made a pledge to Miss J, that she’d suck and get fucked by anything that came her way. 

As you can see in this photo, she’s working so hard on the dicks she’s blurry. Poetry in motion for sure.

So, Tiffany’s revenge turned out to be she was the bigger slut after all. Look at her on her knees with a hook in her pussy! She had to suck dick that way, then got pounded hard for being bad.

I wonder if Jade will read this and decide she can out slut a slut?

The complete set of the Tiffany Tales are here:

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Digging His Own Hole… The Mud Man Commeth.

Mistress J is in the process of doing some landscape work in the backyard, so when Pleasure Pet called for an appointment, the timing was rather convenient. Pet likes outdoor play, and as my yard is very private with high walls, I knew a naked gardener could be put to great use.

Pleasure Pet enjoys being naked outside, feeling the breeze rustle his pubic hair, and having the sun shine on his butt cheeks. And with the cool spring-like temperatures the Bay Area has been enjoying, Pet could get his hands, and everything else dirty.

Motivational tools and a back scratcher. Just in case he gets an itch!

I needed a portion of my fake grass cut and area cleared for some large plants that will be put in. The Pet claimed to be good at digging, and expressed a desire to be covered in mud and slime. I agreed, provided he bring his own slime.

Dressed for the occasion.

After assessing the situation, Pleasure Pet undressed, revealing he had already draped himself in chains. He immediately got to work tearing up the grass. He didn’t make a wide enough hole so he needed to be punished. I lubed up the remote control butt plug and inserted it in his ass. His chains helped secure it in place,  but the chain placement in his butt crack sometimes caused it to turn off when he had sudden movements. He was punished with spankings when it got turned off.

The sun, the vibrations and the dirt had Pleasure Pet doing a happy dance. I sat in my patio chair with a cool drink, as it is exhausting watching other people do manual labor for me. Here is the area Pleasure Pet cleared out for me. It’s also my favorite photo from the session. I love seeing naked men hard at work! 

Once I approved the cleared part, Pleasure Pet got even dirtier! I hosed him off with cold water and he lied down in the dirt. He had put in metal stakes so I could chain him spread eagle. After securing him, I poured a bottle of chocolate syrup over him, then added some dirt. Next came the strawberry syrup, and I poured a little in his mouth. Next, more water, then dirt, then more water, becoming mud. Layered between the dirt was the pancake syrup. I made sure his hands and feet were covered in slime. Then I left him alone to sit in his slime, letting it creep into all the nooks and crannies! 

Such a Zen experience. Notice the hummingbird shadow on the wall.

Resting under my banana tree, under a blanket of dirt and slime and a vibrating butt plug in his ass, Pleasure Pet got to commune with the hummingbirds. They were very interested in him, as he smelled so sweet from his syrup. I think he was so relaxed, he dozed off for a bit. While he slept, I did some designing of my yard. It was a very productive day.

The Mud Man slowly woke up and as he stood up, clumps of dirt fell off of him. He stood in the sun to warm up, then I hosed him off with nice cold water from the garden hose. We both enjoyed our session very much and look forward to more yardwork in the spring.

Would YOU like to do some naked gardening for me?

My email is  I am in San Jose, California.  I look forward to hearing from you.


Worth the Weight. Parachutes and Stretchers!

Most women know a man can be controlled by his cock, and I personally enjoy controlling a man this way. A simple twist of the gonads and a man can be brought to his knees.

Ball stretching is loads of fun, for both me and my guest. I often use only my hand, stretching the balls down, then twisting. I hear this provides a nice tight feeling as the balls are gently pulled away from the body. I don’t have balls, so I don’t know how it feels. I do know, I like the way it looks.

For the gentleman who wants something more, the next step up is clothesline. This small rope is great for tying up balls and either hanging things from them, such as a bell, or tying them UP to my ceiling hook. This is fun because when my guest moves, he either rings the bell or finds he can’t roam very far.

I have a variety of metal and rubber cock rings and leather ball stretchers to use. My favorite is my Prickly Parachute. The parachute is leather and has cute little spikes protruding inward from the underside. Aren’t they cute? Imagine a thousand tiny cat claws digging into your junk at once!

I store my parachute in a bag with jewels on it. Why jewels? Because this is for torturing the family jewels! I keep my weights in there too, and when I am feeling deliciously devious, I add them one at a time, having those cute claws dig deeper into the tender flesh of the ball sack. Guests who have compact balls that don’t allow stretching get this spikey device on the shaft. Weights can still be added, and its loads of fun for everyone.

This photo shows the parachute on the shaft with balls inside of silicone cap. I couldn’t stretch them far enough for the parachute, but was able to shove them into the cap for a nice feeling of compression.

Years ago, I was at a FemDom play party at The Citadel in SF, and put this cute lil parachute on a friend and had him dance. After a while, he got tired of dancing and asked if he could stop. I said sure, sit in that chair and cross your legs, or, keep dancing. He kept dancing!

And of course, one cannot talk about stretching balls without mentioning the Humbler. The Humbler will make you a humble man as you won’t be able to stand up straight with this thing clamped around your balls and behind your legs. Any attempt to straighten the legs even slightly pulls hard on the scrotum, causing anything from considerable discomfort to extreme pain. I prefer to use my homemade humbler made from dowels and rubber bands. It’s much more customizable and the bands add a nice SNAP!



Intrigued by ball play? Contact me. You will be humbled after our session.

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The French Whore.

My favorite Frenchman Emile, came for another visit and was ready to rumble. I don’t see him often, as he lives in France, but when I do, things get nasty.

Emile was horny and needed to be fu**ed. He also had a penchant for lacy underwear and being treated like a sex object, so I turned him into Nana, the namesake of a story written by another famous Frenchie named Emile.

Nana was dressed in her finest fishnets, along with the appropriate streetwear. I handed her a purse and she stood in the corner waiting for a passerby. Soon, Mistress J strolled by and was propositioned by Nana. Nana’s offer was too good to pass up, so we wandered over to the other side of the room.

I handed her a 1 Euro coin, left over from when I visited Europe and told her I bought her cheaply, and she needed to do everything I asked. She agreed, and put the coin in her purse.

This little whore was made to do what she does best, suck dick. I placed her in front of my wall of cocks and instructed her to show off her skills. She had to please those rubber dicks and if I saw her neglecting one, I’d shove her throat deep on the neglected cock, making her gag. The bitch gave several sloppy and loud BJs. I think these were very satisfied cocks. During the blowjobs, I told her to buy something with that Euro, like an ice cream and to think of me while she ate it. She drooled in compliance.

Drop them!

I got so turned on watching her satisfy these cocks, I had to have my way with her. I’ve seen this girl before and knew that her boy pussy was rather tight.  Last time,  I was not able to get my cock in her, but was determined to this time. She dropped her panties and bent over. I toyed with her pussy first with a gloved finger, then moved up to bigger and better things. When I felt she was ready, I slid my dick into her and when I made it in, I yelled “Viva La France!”

I finally got my money’s worth from this harlot. We were both amazed and satisfied. And, like a true French whore, she smoked a cigarette after sex. 

Does this article turn you on? I can incorporate your heritage into a scene, and am always up for learning a few naughty phrases in your native language. Send me an email if you are interested?

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Mistress J Studios is a sex positive studio that provides a safe place for personal expression. Nude male photography, male and female submission, cross dressing and gender exploration are welcomed and encouraged here.

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Viva la France!

The Few, the Proud, the Pain Sluts.

Tools of the trade!

No Pain, No Gain.

As you all know, Mistress J has a plethora of offerings. Most of my sessions deal with the sensual side of things, but this post is dedicated to a smaller segment of my guests, the true pain sluts.


These individuals are the ones who thrive on pain, want, and can have the bruises to prove it.  They like a paddling to leave their bottom deep purple rather than pink. They want to carry cane marks into next week, and have their nipples stretched to the breaking point. 

Does this sound like you? If so, you are a pain slut.

Are you a pain slut who wants it, but can’t take bruises home? Nipple clamps might be the answer! I have the clover ones, the mini clamps, as well as a variety of clothespins and hair clips. The clover ones seem to be the strongest! Clamps don’t bruise, and leave your nipples very sensitive.

An added benefit is clothespins Can be used in other exciting places too!

Electricity is another favorite pain tool.  A good zap can bring a man to his knees! As with clothespins, electricity can be applied in the most delicate of areas!


A few years back, well before Covid, I regularly attended Female-Top centered play parties at SF Dungeons. Talk about fun! Most of the subs were cis-men, though some were not, and it was a blast to play in public and socialize with the Femme Dommes. After one of these parties, a male attendee posted a comment on a message board about how few female tops were doing heavy pain scenes at this party.

He declared it to be the opposite of a male-top party, where it appeared the male tops were rougher to the female subs. This misguided man thought to blame the Female Tops, as if we were incapable of delivering harsh punishment.

After this dumbass decided to insult local Femme Dommes online, the backlash was quick and steady. Many, myself included, pointed out to him that play is NEGOTIATED FIRST, and a good Top LISTENS to their bottom and plays within the negotiated limits. Why would it be a Femme Domme’s fault if the male sub is a delicate flower who can’t take a beating? Sigh. Men are so obtuse sometimes.

He ended up apologizing after his mistake was repeatedly pointed out to him.

Does this article turn you on? Do you crave some pain? If so, send me an email. Bruises are always optional.

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Mistress J Studios is a sex positive studio that provides a safe place for personal expression. Nude male photography, male and female submission, cross dressing and gender exploration are welcomed and encouraged here.

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That Ain’t No Yoke. You Pervs are Gonna LOVE this!

One thing this pandemic has had me do is to look for ways to spend money.  I’ve discovered Etsy has some excellent and high quality dungeon furniture handmade by talented fellow perverts worldwide. 

Since August is Anal Pleasure Month, I am featuring my new equipment that gives access to the goods.

The first is my breeding yoke from Percontator in the Ukraine.  As you lay on your back, your hands and neck are in the device. Your feet are held back by chains, giving me total access. I actually got a little wet seeing this and knew instantly, I had to have one.

He’s lucky to be in this position.

See how my friend’s ass is exposed and he has no choice but to take what I give him? This guy is a huge butt slut, so he is about to experience the dildo I named the Jumbo-tron, it’s my biggest dick.

What I love about this is, my guest’s legs are supported backward and there is no straining on them. I won’t hear about tired legs as I fuck your ass or force your cum out of your body. I get to take what I want, how I want, and for as long as I want! 

Since this is a yoke for breeding, expect to feel like a piece of meat. Your body is mine to use. You might be mildly uncomfortable in this device. But that is the point, you’re a sex slave, and you like it. Slut.

This photo shows how the wrists are positioned facing each other. The opening is oval shaped and should accommodate most male wrists. I do want to note, if you have wrist injuries, a protruding bone or have EXTREMELY large wrists for whatever reason, this might not be for you. But don’t worry, I have other ways to make you feel like a helpless little bitch.

Speaking of helpless bitches, I LOOOOOOOVE my spanking bench from DungeonDelights in Indiana. I have to admit, it is rarely used for spanking. heh, heh. Built for comfort and my accessibility, this has quickly become a fan favorite. 

See how open and ready my guest is, as he settles on the padded leatherette platforms. The face-rest, leg and armrests are adjustable. If I have a squirmy sub, I can strap him in. I don’t want him going anywhere! 

I figured out how to assemble the two hands free attachments. This photo shows my friend enjoying the Hitachi with prostate attachment. My hands were free to take photos, and my friend was strapped in and enjoying the ride. Since I am hands free, whatever shall I do…?

The other attachment is for a dildo. So, if I have a guest with a vag, I can easily do double penetration. 

This last item has nothing to do with anal play, especially since it is purely decorative. I simply could not resist this fruit bowl from SINDstudio in Tel Aviv. The penis bowl is a perfect addition to the playroom, and I filled it with beautiful silk flowers.

One should stop and smell the roses, don’t you think? I hope you noticed the two fuzzy balls. Yes, they are there deliberately. 

I hope you will take some time to smell the roses here at Mistress J Studios. I think we can find a way to kill some time.


Intrigued? Contact me.

Mistress J Studios is a sex positive studio that provides a safe place for personal expression. Nude male photography, male and female submission, cross dressing and gender exploration are welcomed and encouraged here.

My email is  I am in San Jose, California.  I look forward to hearing from you.


Driving Miss Daisy. A slut gets his petals plucked.

Recently, a woman contacted me because her boyfriend had been acting up and was being unusually feisty. They have a long distance relationship, so she requested my help in taming the shrew. I named this person Daisy, and I was really looking forward to plucking her petals!

The girlfriend requested I film the juicy parts of the session*, so she could enjoy watching and humiliating him over and over when he visited her. She supplied a camera, and I happily complied.

Daisy likes to be treated rough, and knew she had to spend 4 hours with me, but prior to that, she was sent to a friend of the girlfriend for prepping. When Daisy showed up on my doorstep, she was in chastity, freshly enema’d balls shaved, shocking butt plug inserted and, of course, showered. She was literally, as fresh as a daisy! She brought along a black duffel bag full of surprises and a bag of gifts for me.

As soon as she came in, I put a hood on her, gagged her and tied her wrists. I took the bag and guided her up the stairs to the playroom with my leash and dog collar. I sat her down and unpacked the bag of surprises. Daisy had a nice set of white lingerie; bra, panties, stocking garter belt. a selection of clothes, and really slutty shoes.

I set up the video camera on a tripod and soon Daisy was ready for her closeup.

I stripped her, did my usual inspection. Daisy’s legs were hairy. A few shocks to the ass were given for this oversight, then, arms were chained to the ceiling as I shaved her legs. If you look carefully at the photo, you will see she is wearing a key. That is the key to her chastity device in case I felt she deserved release.

Next came the feminization. Tied to a chair daisy endured a makeover complete with custom foundation, lashes and wig. She looked so pretty. Next came my favorite part, dressing her! I always liked dolls, and dressing up a sissy is like playing with a big doll. There were several outfits supplied by the girlfriend, and I chose something sexy and summery. A hot pink pencil skirt with a white blouse and slutty hot pink platform shoes so tall she could barely walk in! This went over her white lingerie of course. I also accessorized with gold and pink jewelry. A classy sexy summer secretary indeed.

Daisy was subjected to countless humiliations. Floggings, spankings, zappings, clothespins on her pussy lips, metal nipple clamps tied to her boy clit, bondage, etc. If she didn’t comply, a sharp shock to the ass ensued. 

Daisy had to prove her sluttiness by sucking my cock and the wall of cocks, and again, if she didn’t do it right, you know what happened…

Finally, I took out her butt plug and slowly opened her pussy with a cock. She moaned in pleasure and begged for more. She is a bondage slut, so I attached a spreader bar to her legs, and in the front, her wrists. I hooked her up to the ceiling with an ANAL HOOK.

But wait, there is more.

The slut had a head harness, and the harness pulled her head back and was attached to the ceiling chain. Then she was forced to dry hump the floor. It must have been hard to do with her head arched back and her arms and legs spread open. But she seemed to enjoy it. 

A tasty treat!

Daisy’s girlfriend told me she always makes her clean up her mess, and she had been instructed not to self pleasure for 10 days. I was excited about the possibility of forcing the girl to be a filthy dirty whore, so after removing the chastity cage, I made her cum into a dish and she had to swallow her huge 10 day load! Look at the volume. I bet it was yummy. What do you think it tasted like?

I hope you enjoyed reading about Daisy. I can create a custom experience for you, that may or may not involve panties.

*No sissies were harmed in the filming or writing of this blog.

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Mistress J Studios is a sex positive studio that provides a safe place for personal expression. Nude male photography, male and female submission, cross dressing and gender exploration are welcomed and encouraged here.

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What to Expect When You’re Expecting~Mistress J to Open

What a long strange trip it has been.

After a long hiatus due to Covid19 and the health orders, the studio is cautiously reopening. A great many changes have taken place here at the studio.

The biggest change is my location! I sold the condo and bought a house a mile and a half away from the old place. Featuring a bigger playroom, air conditioning and a fireplace, Mistress J is ready to see her guests in comfort.

I moved at the beginning of the shelter in place and the quiet time allowed me to get my house and playroom in order. Though I will admit to constantly tweaking and adding exciting new things. I have also taken up gardening, which is very zen. I am expecting a very unique flower pot very soon that will be the PERFECT addition to my playroom.

Spank-a-doodle -do!

For example, a favorite purchase is this incredibly sexy spanking/fucking bench. You may have noticed I love red and black in my playroom, so I opted for the red bench. She is sooooo pretty. So far it seems to be a big hit. I love the restraints. I can’t have my guest wiggling away when I torment them.  Who wants to take a ride? 

In addition to these lovely items, I have some cute signage so people don’t get lost or forget where they are.

But what about the virus you ask? Well, let me tell you. I have purchased this air purifier that kills micro-organisms with a UV light. This will be on during our sessions. You will be asked to shower before we begin playing. As soon as we are done, I will immediately open the sliding glass door to let in sun and fresh air, and spray everything with alcohol and lemon myrtle. 

Once you leave the building, a cleaning I will go! Bathroom, playroom, hallway, doorknobs, switches, bottles, toys, pillows, furniture and equipment will get bleached or sanitized with cavi-wipes. 

I will only be seeing 1 person a day for a while. I stay home most of the time, enjoying my home with the exception to shop. I keep my house clean and feel I provide a healthy environment for my guests. I will expect the courtesy of letting me know if you feel under the weather so we can reschedule, and temperatures might be taken. Masks can also add to the fun!

There is nothing more sexy than safety!


*As of 3/31/21, Mistress J has had her first Covid vaccine! 

Intrigued? Contact me.

Mistress J Studios is a sex positive studio that provides a safe place for personal expression. Nude male photography, male and female submission, cross dressing and gender exploration are welcomed and encouraged here.

My email is  I am in San Jose, California.  I look forward to hearing from you.


Feeling Groovy. Let’s talk about Elysium®.

“In Greek mythology, only those specially favored by the gods entered Elysium and were made immortal …”

 -Encyclopedia Britannica

How slow can you go? That’s what Elysium is about.

The slow sensual touch of my hand, the silky feeling of my soft fluffy tools, a feather running across your skin. You are tied to my table, blindfolded and are wearing headphones. You cannot see or hear what will happen next…

Elysium focuses the senses, alternating soft brush strokes, excruciatingly slow bodywork and expert caresses with soft, silk bondage, and sensory focusing tools. Elysium brings you the ultimate sensual experience, and is the  ultimate test of self control.

Time is suspended. Soft music plays through the headphones. My touch matches the beat of the music. You are my captive, yet, you are not afraid. You know you can trust me and surrender to my lead.


“Slow down, you move too fast. You got to make the morning last.”*


What is that? You shiver as an ice cube teases your nipple and slowly makes its way down to your crotch. Warm oil surrounds your cock in a gentle, yet firm grip. You want to move, but cannot. How wonderful for you to have to lie there and take what Mistress gives.

The warm oil feels delicious. Her fingers seem to find every neglected place on your body. She touches your lingam sooooo slowly. It’s agonizing and fulfilling at the same time.

Wait a minute. Is Mistress J grabbing my balls with her toes? That feels great! You never knew you could last this long.

Uh oh, you are edging.You might explode. She backed off a bit. Whew, you can take more exquisite torture. For now…

More oil, more slow caresses, more sensation play. The pressure builds and subsides again and again. Until finally, bliss.

You really do feel like a god. 

Intrigued? Contact me.

Mistress J Studios is a sex positive studio that provides a safe place for personal expression. Nude male photography, male and female submission, cross dressing and gender exploration are welcomed and encouraged here.

My email is  I am in San Jose, California.  I look forward to hearing from you.



*”The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin‘ Groovy)”, a by Simon & Garfunkel;

CBT means your cock belongs to ME!

Mistress J picked a pack of pickled peckers!

When you enter the doors of Mistress J’s studio, you have agreed to become my plaything. What does Mistress like best? You guessed it, your penis.

Call it whatever you like; a cock, dick, boy clit, etc, the fact is, I get to play with it.  You have very little choice in the matter.

CBT (cock, ball torture) can be a hard, ball busting experience, but it can also be soft and sensual. It depends on the guest’s preference. Let’s talk tough today, I’m in a mood.

By now I am sure you are wondering what evil plans might Mistress J have for your manhood. Here are a few examples from very satisfied guests.

Chastity is a common fantasy, but few dare to explore the ultimate “mind” control. That’s right, men think with their dicks. I’ll cage your brain and  reduce you to quivering flesh. You’ll love the feeling of your arousal pressing against the steel or plastic cage, unable to grow. You can’t touch it. It frustrates you. I laugh and torment it as much as I like.

I like to grab things with my toes, and balls are the perfect size for grabbing and pulling.

Then, we have those cocks that need to be beaten into submission. A few firm wacks often do the trick. Did you know that there are a few men out there that get so aroused by penis smacking, they actually edge! Edging, in case you didn’t know, is when someone gets close to climax.

You won’t be board if your penis is on board!

I have many tools for penis smacking. Those include my hands, various paddles and floggers, and to provide support for all this, I have my penis board! It holds your member in place and I can smack away! 

One of the cruelest toys, and a personal favorite is my parachute. This leather beauty has tiny silver spikes on the inside. It fastens around the balls and pulls them down. Imagine a hundred little cat claws grabbing onto your balls! Such pleasurable pain!

Now, to add insult to injury, I have a few weights to add to the chains on the parachute. Why weight? It feels good! Don’t wait to try the parachute. 

Hair clips and clothespins are FANTASTIC CBT tools. I picked up these hand painted beauties in Poland and use them often. When I use the whole set it looks like a smile.

Wanna put a smile on my face? Book a session with me and let me play with your family jewels!

Intrigued? Contact me.

Mistress J Studios is a sex positive studio that provides a safe place for personal expression. Nude male photography, male and female submission, cross dressing and gender exploration are welcomed and encouraged here.

My email is  I am in San Jose, California.  I look forward to hearing from you.