Tiffany Gets Trashed!

Tiffany waits for instruction.

You all know by now that Tiffany is not only mischievous, but also a dirty slut. She’s always getting herself into trouble, yet doesn’t have the means to pay the piper, except with her holes. I know, it’s sad. But when a slut misbehaves, there must be punishment, and Mistress J always sees to it!

Tiffany was visiting San Jose, and decided to rent a car. She drove all around the Bay Area, crossing the Golden Gate Bridge, driving down to Santa Cruz and spending money right and left. It was quite shocking. What was even more shocking was that Tiffany had used Mistress J as a reference on the rental application.

Tiffany dropped off the car and tried to flee, the rental agent grabbed her by her hair, threw her into the unpaid for rental car and drove to my house!

You can imagine how upset I was, that a submissive little bitch would put Mistress J on the line for this car. Tiffany had to be punished for such recklessness and work off her debt in the usual way.

The agent was salivating at the suggestion of having Tiffany as a sex toy. He was used to financial transactions, not physical ones. And, being horny with loaded balls, took me up on my offer of using her tight holes for his pleasure. In fact, at the end of his experience, he ended up paying ME because he felt so good!

Tiffany was ordered to get on her knees and suck cock. He was so eager for her mouth, he made her do it right through his boxers. It was so hot and sexy watching her work his hard dripping cock.

Tiffany is good at blowjobs and I made her suck him till he edged. Next, I put her on her back and secured her in my yoke. She was a cow, a brood mare, a bitch. Arms and hands pressed back and legs spread eagled and chained to the ceiling, she was ready for whatever fun we had in store for her.

The agent took advantage of this helpless slut and made her endure a long round of tea-bagging and serious facial dry humping. He straddled her head and ground his balls into her mouth, nose and chin as she shook her head back and forth, trying to escape this unique and humiliating act of dominance. The agent grunted with pleasure and dripped pre cum onto her cheeks. Finally, he pried her mouth open and deeply throat fucked her. It was very exciting if I may say so myself!

I was so excited and turned on I slid my cock into her sissy pussy to open her up for the agent. I like having first crack at my sluts. I like feeling their tight sissy pussies open up with my pounding. The little bitch loved this. Both of her holes were getting used at the same time! When her moth wasn’t full of cock or balls, she screamed in pleasure. 

I told the agent I warmed her up and he could fuck her if he wanted. He was hard and ready so he took his turn at the base of the table, between her chained up legs. 

He forcefully took her. She slid on the table with each powerful thrust. She was as helpless as a ragdoll but as happy as a clam. Which makes sense as he fucked her clam bigly.

In one final act of complete and total dominance over slut Tiffany, he pulled out and shot a huge wet, white load of cum all over her face and instructed her to lick him dry. Which of course she did. She’s a dirty whore.

Mistress told then little bitch to clean up the room and go home.

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34 thoughts on “Tiffany Gets Trashed!

  1. Mistress,

    Well done! This sissy slut definitely looks like she was well used and abused. Love the use of the yoke and the leg chains!

    Next time you should flip her over and tie off the yoke to an anal hook. I love the look of a sissy slave positioned at the end of the metal anal hook.

    Great job!

    • Try Anal Hock tied up to a corset. The rope length is not as long and playful but the back panel of a corset gives a lot of tie points to help keep the hock secure and tight inside the slave.

      I personally love the look paired with a posture collar and high heals. The slave has the best posture and poise!

      • I like it. I also think it would be fun to do that and have her do a lot of housework. I am thinking something that requires a lot of bending.

    • For my subs I like to have them focus on holding in a dildo inside their bottom. They need to focus on their pelvic floor muscles and make sure to not squeeze to hard to push it out and not relax to much for it to slip out. Obviously when it does fall out a punishment is required/earned. Spanking, added time to the current challenge and wall sits are all good times for me to watch.

      After the challenge or scenario I typically end with the sub standing In front on a full height mirror and looking at their reflection reciting submission phrases I give them to help remind them they deserve this moment.

      • Put her in front of the mirror on all fours and then have her balance a small stack of books on her lower back. Once set up tell her how many spankings she will need to take while not letting the books fall.

        Repeat until she successfully takes the spankings and does not knock over the books.

        Perfect game and sub challenge.

    • Try ice locks or timed locks.

      The best public play I have found is coating a small or medium plug in Vaseline and after it is in their bottom coat their crack with a good finger amount / when we walk the oils heat up from the body and they start to run. I am told the feeling is very awkward and the plug also starts to move a lot more.

      Know one sees or knows but their face and leg movements remind you for sure!!!

  2. This is awesome. I love how used she is at the end of the day. I am sure Tiffany and your site fans would love to have her take a nice long spanking to get her ass good and red and then have her insert a wide butt plug and take a seat in a flat wooden chair or stool. I am sure after a few minutes she will want to do anything else!

    A good sissy should also be made to drink her own golden nectar from a dog dish like a true submissive.

    • Wicked evil suggestion! I do see that Misstress has a back yard, maybe next time she can have her Sissy maid use the outdoor restroom and recycle it!

    • If you are out for some shopping would be nice to send Tiffany into a gender neutral bathroom and have her fill up a coffee cup with that nectar and drink it while you finish shopping.

      I have also made a sub change her panties and insert a toy in the restroom while she filled her cup.

      • I like it. Tiffany is a little shy when it comes to public outings. Remember when we went to the park? I would love to take her to this place in Santa Clara called adultworld, and they have an actual Gloryhole with real cocks.

        • Adult World is the real deal. Booths are cash only and they all have holes for access. Walk in tip the clerk and let them know there is a sissy in for her shift and show your sub to a booth. You can take her boy clothes while she is inside and return them at the end of her shift.

          • I really want to take her here. You seem to know a lot about Adultworld. Perhaps you can join us?

  3. I love reading your posts on Tiffany. She is a true Slut and deserves to be treated like one. I would love to see you make her take some toys A-T-M or maybe have her ware a shock collar!

    • A few years ago Mistress did make me ware a shock collar and it definitely keeps your attention! It was on my upper thigh and worked great to call me back to attention from a distance

  4. Mistress,

    Thank you for helping remind me of my social place and that my actions have consequences. I will work to respect you and my landlord more and will be more accountable.

    Your submissive sissy slut Tiffany.

  5. Super kinky post 😉
    I love your details in the writing. Love the pure kinky energy in the pictures.

    Do you think Tiffany would have the energy for a few tweaks to your punishment? If she is game… have her take a decent sized dildo ass to mouth to open her up. Then have her squat over a plug or dildo to self fuck her hole. When you are satisfied have her straddle your strap on to keep her warmed up.

    • Would be easy to also use a dungeon for rent space. The Bay Area definitely has some amazing well equipped rooms to ensure a bad gurl is properly punished.

      I like having my subs change into some of their fem items on their way, often leaving bags of lingerie for them to pick up and put on inside hotel lobby restrooms.

    • It is not outside but my old Mistress once found an Asian massage shop that gave happy endings. She scheduled an appointment for me and told the lady that I was a bad and could not cum. She gave me the worst case of blue balls and a sexy pair of panties to ware home.

      Alll thanks to my Mistress!

      • I’m sure you deserved those blue balls. It would be hilarious to humiliate Tiffany like that. The ladies at the massage place could make fun of her wet spot in her sissy panties!

  6. The attention you give is great but try bondage from a distance. Some shock collars has motion control and will deliver a shock if the slave moves to much. A baby monitor can also help you observe them as they struggle to hold a position or just wait patiently outside.

    This physical distance separation but with remote control is a powerful reminder of their place.

    I have used egg timer that make the lovely ticking sound placed out of their eye line that control when they can expel an enema or when they can leave their current position. Hearing the tick but not aware of the remaining time is hellish fun to watch.

  7. If Tiffany likes role play have her ware an adult diaper under her pants and give her a large dose of laxative.

    I love walking around and feeling the pressure building up and test how long I can hold the bowel movement. My MJ has me clean up in a restaurant and hands me a pink diaper bag that I have to take in with me.

  8. Best way to punish is to tie your sub to a bed or chair and leave them there for an hour with some hypno type porn playing on loop for them to watch. Check in but have them slowly get to the full saturation point. When they are done they should be ready for play but keep them in suspense and make them do their chores or service their Dom.

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