Tiffany’s Revenge. Because two sluts don’t make it right.

This is a fictional story compiled of two different sessions. The subjects have never met each other whatsoever. Please read and enjoy, and remember, no sluts were harmed in the writing of this blog post.

Tiffany thought she was the only horny, petite-sized Asian slut who came to Mistress J and had a complete wardrobe to enjoy.  Little did she know Jade was going to invade her territory.

Jade was the new girl in town. A little shy, very inexperienced, but very, very willing. She asked Mistress J to give her some makeup and deportment tips, which Mistress did, but the transformation unleashed a wanton wonton of a horny girl, eager to have her holes filled by the boys on the football, debate and badminton teams.

She went through Tiffany’s giant bag of clothes and selected her schoolgirl outfit. I believe this is what upset Tiffany the most, having another girl go through and wear HER things! The effrontery of it all. Jade even copied Tiffany’s hairstyle. Shameful.

Pleased with her new look, Mistress wanted Jade to show off to her fans. Jade did a sexy dance on the balcony, kicking her long legs and showing off her panties, which contained her chastity caged clit.

After the dance, the schoolgirl underwent severe slut training since she was rather virginal. She had to learn to give a sloppy BJ by sucking all the boys standing nearby with their dicks out. If she didn’t do a good job, she had to do it again. She became rather parched and experienced a bit of lockjaw, but handled it like the trooper she is.

The afternoon ended with Jade getting pried open like a can of tuna, legs suspended and wrists secured to the table. She then lost her virginity by Mistress J. Her poor pussy got tired quickly, and she needed a break. Overall, Jade made  the honor roll with her slut training, and hopefully she’ll wear appropriate clothing under her graduation gown.

After reading such a story, you are probably wondering what Tiffany’s revenge could be. Why would she be jealous of another slut? Well, that’s how it is in the slut world. The competition is fierce.

Tiffany, refusing to be upstaged by an upstart, begged Mistress J for a session where she could prove she was the bigger slut. Donning a short red hairdo and pink panties, Tiffany was ready to face the music. She had made a pledge to Miss J, that she’d suck and get fucked by anything that came her way. 

As you can see in this photo, she’s working so hard on the dicks she’s blurry. Poetry in motion for sure.

So, Tiffany’s revenge turned out to be she was the bigger slut after all. Look at her on her knees with a hook in her pussy! She had to suck dick that way, then got pounded hard for being bad.

I wonder if Jade will read this and decide she can out slut a slut?

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16 thoughts on “Tiffany’s Revenge. Because two sluts don’t make it right.

  1. Mistress J,

    Love the story and your training and guidance. The real Tiffany is always looking to complete your homework and grow as a sissy slut! Can’t wait until I have to turn in my next homework / pop quiz

  2. Love the cat fight. I wonder who would earn more tips at the end of the party??? That would be a fun sissy slut challenge for them and your alpha male guests.

    • It would also be fun to put these two sluts up against each other in a skills test. Who can deep throat the most, who can take the longest or widest plug, who can walk the longest in heals, who can dance the sexist. The winner gets to rest while the losing slut gets punished.

  3. Fan of Tiffany and happy to see has some competition. Would love to hear how the sissy skills challenge goes. Maybe add in a punishment wheel that each has to spin after they complete each round.

    • Have the girls take turns on the spanking bench seeing who can last the longest with the prostate massager running in their pussy. Winner has bragging rights and the loser is ready for the rest of her night.

      • If you have a quiet park or side street close by have them walk around in heals with a vibrating plug in under some basic leggings or tight jeans and see how long their legs last before they start to tremble from the heals or the building pleasure in their bottom.

  4. Love competing sissy sluts. Would love to read the follow up post and see what competition you had them do. Fan favorite kink challenge is making a sub hold a tray or water cups while walking in heals with a vibrating plug deep inside them. Timed enemas also make for a fun watch party as they plead for release

  5. A sissy should have a nice hourglass waistline. I would like to see them tucked in nicely into a corset and see who can reduce their waist the most and for the longest. I love having my sissy suck in and hold her breath while I quickly draw the corset closed

    • Sounds so fun. I love hearing the sound of the cords being drawn through the fabric, and the little gasp that often accompanies a tight cinching!

  6. This test is easy. Make the sissy cum at the start of their next session and eat it. Then start giving them commands to follow and giving them constructive punishment. With their hormones at a lower level they will be less likely to do a task because they are turned on. If they still preform well it is because they are a true sissy

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