Digging His Own Hole… The Mud Man Commeth.

Mistress J is in the process of doing some landscape work in the backyard, so when Pleasure Pet called for an appointment, the timing was rather convenient. Pet likes outdoor play, and as my yard is very private with high walls, I knew a naked gardener could be put to great use.

Pleasure Pet enjoys being naked outside, feeling the breeze rustle his pubic hair, and having the sun shine on his butt cheeks. And with the cool spring-like temperatures the Bay Area has been enjoying, Pet could get his hands, and everything else dirty.

Motivational tools and a back scratcher. Just in case he gets an itch!

I needed a portion of my fake grass cut and area cleared for some large plants that will be put in. The Pet claimed to be good at digging, and expressed a desire to be covered in mud and slime. I agreed, provided he bring his own slime.

Dressed for the occasion.

After assessing the situation, Pleasure Pet undressed, revealing he had already draped himself in chains. He immediately got to work tearing up the grass. He didn’t make a wide enough hole so he needed to be punished. I lubed up the remote control butt plug and inserted it in his ass. His chains helped secure it in place,  but the chain placement in his butt crack sometimes caused it to turn off when he had sudden movements. He was punished with spankings when it got turned off.

The sun, the vibrations and the dirt had Pleasure Pet doing a happy dance. I sat in my patio chair with a cool drink, as it is exhausting watching other people do manual labor for me. Here is the area Pleasure Pet cleared out for me. It’s also my favorite photo from the session. I love seeing naked men hard at work! 

Once I approved the cleared part, Pleasure Pet got even dirtier! I hosed him off with cold water and he lied down in the dirt. He had put in metal stakes so I could chain him spread eagle. After securing him, I poured a bottle of chocolate syrup over him, then added some dirt. Next came the strawberry syrup, and I poured a little in his mouth. Next, more water, then dirt, then more water, becoming mud. Layered between the dirt was the pancake syrup. I made sure his hands and feet were covered in slime. Then I left him alone to sit in his slime, letting it creep into all the nooks and crannies! 

Such a Zen experience. Notice the hummingbird shadow on the wall.

Resting under my banana tree, under a blanket of dirt and slime and a vibrating butt plug in his ass, Pleasure Pet got to commune with the hummingbirds. They were very interested in him, as he smelled so sweet from his syrup. I think he was so relaxed, he dozed off for a bit. While he slept, I did some designing of my yard. It was a very productive day.

The Mud Man slowly woke up and as he stood up, clumps of dirt fell off of him. He stood in the sun to warm up, then I hosed him off with nice cold water from the garden hose. We both enjoyed our session very much and look forward to more yardwork in the spring.

Would YOU like to do some naked gardening for me?

My email is mistressjstudios@gmail.com.  I am in San Jose, California.  I look forward to hearing from you.


6 thoughts on “Digging His Own Hole… The Mud Man Commeth.

  1. Nice work. I’ve been in that great backyard and it’s quite lovely. Can’t wait for more sunny days. Always great when you can have fun and get something done at the same time.

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