If the Shoe Fits…

These boots were made for walkin'. And tramplin' and being worshipped!

These boots were made for walkin’, and  tramplin’ and being worshiped!

Some say a girl can never have too many shoes.

I would tend to agree based on the amount of men that love a woman in sexy shoes! Heels can make both the wearer and admirer feel fabulous.

Shoes can make or break an outfit. And in my business my shoes can bring a man down to his knees!  Heels can be a symbol of feminine power and aggressiveness—of men’s craving for female dominance.


Danielle admires Mistress J’s Nine West suede heels.

Heels are delicate and dangerous, (just like women) and those two things, working together, are the source of their appeal. 

“Will those pointy heels kick me?” my client wonders with hopeful anxiety. “If I am a good boy, maybe she will squish my balls between the shanks of her shoes.”






I have clients that want me to trip the light fantastic on their back with my sharp, pointy heels. I tend to oblige, as I find watching a man struggle under my feet enjoyable. I also enjoy seeing the unbridled eroticism of the scene. The obvious sexual pleasure he is getting from a piece of my wardrobe.

The pleasure of a good pair of heels isn’t just limited to my clients. I admit, when I am shoe shopping and come across a hawt pair of heels that look and feel right, I do get a little wet. When I find the perfect pair of shoes, I get  an absolutely must-have-it feeling.  Owning and wearing a fabulous pair of heels, boots, sandals, etc. is a source of great pleasure.

That being said, I wear a size 7 and welcome gifts of shoes or boots. But beware, this Mistress has expensive taste.

You CAN keep a good man down!

You CAN keep a good man down!

If you have a serious shoe fetish and are curious about Feminine Domination, I invite you to contact me for a session in my San Jose studio.

Mistress J Studios is a sex positive studio that provides a safe place for personal expression. Nude male photography, male and female submission, cross dressing and gender bending are welcomed and encouraged here.

Intrigued? Contact me. My email is Mistressjstudios@gmail.com.  I am in San Jose, California.  I look forward to hearing from you. 408-896-5836.