Wax On, Wax Off. Wax Play With Mistress J

Grasshopper, I know sometimes your cravings require a delicate balance between sensuality and sadism. I am writing about the perfect session for you. A hot wax session! Hot candle wax play is fun. It is artistic. It requires submission and tolerance. And, if scented candles are used, can be a fruity good time!

Ryan was feeling stressed out. I invited him over for a hot wax session and he readily agreed. My weapons of choice that day were a white pillar candle, a red cranberry candle in a tin, an evergreen scented candle and two sex candles. One in purple, the other red.

I lit the candles 10 minutes before he arrived, so the wax would be nice and gooey when it was time to play. After he stretched his nekkid body on the massage table, we got down to business.

Securing his hands to the table, I proceeded to pour the colorful wax on his shoulders. Red, purple, green, white. So colorful and pretty. 

Ryan enjoyed the warm wax dripping onto his skin. Sometimes he’d wiggle if  a drop was unusually hot, then he’d settle back down and mutter his pleasure at the heat.

I pour my wax  from a pretty high angle to prevent burning the skin. The distance gives the wax time to cool off so the subject won’t get burned.  We did a side by side comparison of a sex candle vs. a regular candle. The reviews were mixed. 

Ryan thought the sex candles (which claim to burn at a lower temperature) actually felt hotter on contact, but cooled faster then a soy candle. Another client said the opposite. He thought the sex candles were 5 degrees cooler. I found these results interesting, and I think more research is in order.

Ryan’s back and shoulders are hairless, so I poured the wax with glee. You could say that I poured my heart out to him. Ha, ha. His ass was a little hairy, so I rubbed some massage oil in before coating his buns. A coat of oil helps the wax come off the hair. Ryan said the oil made the wax feel a tiny bit hotter, something he enjoyed! I also made sure I coated his balls. 

Now, I have played with Ryan many times and I know his tastes and limits. He is a pain, sensation and bondage slut. If I am browsing the internet for toys and am doubtful, I ask myself, “would Ryan like this?” If the answer is yes, I buy it. My point is, I knew he could take the heat of the wax and enjoy it. I know wax play isn’t for everyone, but those who like it, will enjoy a session with lil’ ol’ me. 

Love, Italian style!

That is a good lead in for the next part. I poured wax in his butt crack and balls! Ryan wiggled and giggled. He liked it. I knew he would, the little perv. I used green, red and white wax for his under carriage. How festive it looked. Viva Italia! I had a sudden craving for pasta. 

The session went on with me pouring wax all over him. Eventually, he like, totally, looked like an 80’s splatter painting, it was sooo rad! He was so bright and colorful. And the dried wax created a little bit of a restricted feeling, another thing Ryan enjoyed. 

When I felt my masterpiece was complete, I stopped pouring and let the wax harden. Now it was time to clean him up for the shower! I took one of the cat claws and scraped off the wax. It came off in hard clumps. Little bits clung to the hair on his balls. I used a dry brush and got them clean. He seemed to enjoy the attention down there.

Feel like experiencing some hot wax play? I’d love to pour it on thick!

Intrigued? Contact me.

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Mistress J Studios is a sex positive studio that provides a safe place for personal expression. Nude male photography, male and female submission, cross dressing and gender bending are welcomed and encouraged here.

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