The Few, the Proud, the Pain Sluts.

Tools of the trade!

No Pain, No Gain.

As you all know, Mistress J has a plethora of offerings. Most of my sessions deal with the sensual side of things, but this post is dedicated to a smaller segment of my guests, the true pain sluts.


These individuals are the ones who thrive on pain, want, and can have the bruises to prove it.  They like a paddling to leave their bottom deep purple rather than pink. They want to carry cane marks into next week, and have their nipples stretched to the breaking point. 

Does this sound like you? If so, you are a pain slut.

Are you a pain slut who wants it, but can’t take bruises home? Nipple clamps might be the answer! I have the clover ones, the mini clamps, as well as a variety of clothespins and hair clips. The clover ones seem to be the strongest! Clamps don’t bruise, and leave your nipples very sensitive.

An added benefit is clothespins Can be used in other exciting places too!

Electricity is another favorite pain tool.  A good zap can bring a man to his knees! As with clothespins, electricity can be applied in the most delicate of areas!


A few years back, well before Covid, I regularly attended Female-Top centered play parties at SF Dungeons. Talk about fun! Most of the subs were cis-men, though some were not, and it was a blast to play in public and socialize with the Femme Dommes. After one of these parties, a male attendee posted a comment on a message board about how few female tops were doing heavy pain scenes at this party.

He declared it to be the opposite of a male-top party, where it appeared the male tops were rougher to the female subs. This misguided man thought to blame the Female Tops, as if we were incapable of delivering harsh punishment.

After this dumbass decided to insult local Femme Dommes online, the backlash was quick and steady. Many, myself included, pointed out to him that play is NEGOTIATED FIRST, and a good Top LISTENS to their bottom and plays within the negotiated limits. Why would it be a Femme Domme’s fault if the male sub is a delicate flower who can’t take a beating? Sigh. Men are so obtuse sometimes.

He ended up apologizing after his mistake was repeatedly pointed out to him.

Does this article turn you on? Do you crave some pain? If so, send me an email. Bruises are always optional.

Intrigued? Contact me.

Mistress J Studios is a sex positive studio that provides a safe place for personal expression. Nude male photography, male and female submission, cross dressing and gender exploration are welcomed and encouraged here.

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