Mistress J is Pervy, Even in Her Free Time!


The Armory in San Francisco.


Last weekend (4/25), I had the pleasure of attending a cocktail party and filming at Kink.com‘s Upper Floor (TUF) at the Armory in San Francisco.

This was a fun evening. My partner and I got dressed up and enjoyed appetizers and a glass of bubbly while watching the models and crew create porn. They were initiating a new house slave.

We were “extras” on the set. There to provide color and movement in the background and of course look interested.

Interested we were! It  is exciting to see any type of filming. Earlier this year, I was in the audience for a recording of The Big Bang Theory (BBT) at the Warner Bros. Studio in LA. This live porn shoot had it’s similarities and differences to that shoot.

There were less cameras on the set at Kink.com. Just as many lights, and we got to see the models warming up for the shoot, just as we did in LA for BBT.

There is a lot of prep involved, sometimes models have to stand on boxes for a better angle. There are pauses, retakes, & blunders, and many things the viewer doesn’t see.

The models and crew are treated well, are cared for, and their comfort and safety is a priority. Everything is pre-negotiated, and no one is doing anything they don’t want to do. The male model has a tough job, as he has to stay “focused” the whole time and cum pretty much on command.

photo (1)

Mistress J loves Victorian furniture!

The Upper Floor (TUF) is a great space! The decor is sumptuous, and resembles a Victorian parlor. As guests, we are encouraged to play. TUF is very male Dom heavy and I was one of the few FemDoms there that evening. I enjoyed being looked at by the male guests and could feel my actions being scrutinized.

My partner and I had negotiated our play on the way to SF. His job was to service me. He knelt on a pillow and orally pleased me, then gave me a very nice finger bang and I squirted on the Upper Floor! He obviously did his job well.

I think every young male should see a live porn shoot to see and understand that while the models are enjoying their job, they are being told what to do, and their actions are to make money. While the sex is real, it is not real life sex. Men should not  assume all women want sex such as this. Communication and consent is sexy, so talk before you poke hun!

I know this is a different blog post than what I normally write, but I hope you enjoyed it anyway and learned a little about me.

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