Tiffany Goes Back to School. Part 1

New backpack.


The beautiful Tiffany was coming to town for one last trip before the year ended and she wanted to go all out!

Tiffany wanted to have a milestone in her education, as she feels she is getting ready to graduate into a real and true sissy slut. 

She wants to LEARN as much as possible, and who better to teach her than Mistress J?

The slut was very horny and wanted to taste real cock. I had the perfect friend in mind when she made this request, but more on that in Part 2.

Tiff was going to get a pussy wax at a local place and check into her regular hotel. She was going to have Friday late afternoon and evening and much of Saturday for homework assignments. I told her I’d come over to her hotel Saturday evening for grading and play.

I had a special gift for her, a personalized backpack, hot pink of course, and left it at the desk earlier that day. I wanted her to have it waiting for her upon her arrival. It was full of clothes and gadgets, as well as instructions for the weekend.

Tiffany had two pages of homework assignments. I won’t bore you by listing all of them, so only the highlights will be discussed. 

One of my favorite tasks, was Tiffany was allowed to only eat “kid food” that weekend. Juice boxes, mac and cheese, PB&J, oatmeal, and soups were her menu. Which she had to purchase herself.

The school subjects were:

Physical Education, Ceramics, Math, Photography, Film Making and Creative Writing.

Ceramics was one of my favorite subjects. I had high hopes for this one. I supplied her with a Play Dough kit with an assortment of colors and letter stamps. She was instructed to make pornographic images and naughty words. Grading would be on technique as well as creativity. This is what she came up with. Grade: C. Why a C? I was hoping for interesting color combinations and naughtier people.

Tiffany fared much better in the other subjects, which also translated to a fabulous grade in Film Making.

Math required Tiffany to do multiplication and addition exercises by grabbing a squishy pecker with her butt cheek, walk across the room and drop it on the chair. She really knows her numbers and has tight little cheeks.  She could cross the room without dropping a pecker! Grade: A.

Tiffany really shined in PE. She took this subject seriously. She was instructed to do arm curls with the heavy metal dildo with a butt plug in her butt. Look at this photo. What perfect form! The plug stayed in the whole time. Grade: A+.

She may have scored an A+ in Film Making, but this girl did NOT take a single still photo. I had to make still photos from the videos. Such a Bad Girl. Photography Grade: F.

Creative Writing was another area of expertise. She was instructed to write love letters to Mr D, Amber and Mike Tyson (Tiffany is a huge fan).

Below is the letter to Mike Tyson. I want to send Mr D and Amber their letters privately, then they can give a grade themselves. Please email me at mistressjstudios@gmail with your email and I’ll forward her letter.

A peek up the school girl’s skirt!

Mike’s letter:


Love your power and body and I can’t wait until I am woman enough to take your BBC.  I am working with my Mistress to become more mature and I can’t wait until a BBC is allowed to be put in front on my body…  My mouth and bottom would by a lovely welcoming home for you as I would take my time fully exploring your needs.
Please think of me and let me know what I can do to prove myself to you.”
What do you all think of this letter? Aside from the rather casual salutation, do you think it is worthy of a B+? 
I leave this post with a photo of Tiffany studying her Bible. Stay tuned for my next episode of Tiffany Goes Back to School. The school girl cuts loose and becomes a real slut. You don’t want to miss it.

Barefoot in the Park with Tiffany


Our slut enjoys exercise. She also enjoys showing off her body. So what better way to combine the two than to take her to a local park for some outdoor exercise!

When she told me she’d be in town on 8/8, I started planning her outfit. Tight shorts, sports bra, gaff panty, socks and a hat were purchased. I even sprung for a new wig and tramp stamp temporary tattoo. She was going to be gorgeous. 

I picked a local park, Almaden Lake, which is near me and usually quiet on the trail, especially during the week. There is a par course and secluded areas around it. An ideal setting for sluts to display their athletic ability.

I have to admit, this session was full of mishaps, but we had fun anyway, and got some great shots.

Tiffany arrived bright eyed and bushy tailed Thursday morning. I had acquired a butt plug with rattles inside. How embarrassing to be jogging and making butt noise at the same time. Well, the plug was too big for her tiny butt hole, so she had to run with her smaller dedicated jewel butt plug instead. 

Our intention was for her to arrive at the park partially dressed, go into the ladies bathroom, change, put on lipstick and come out.  As I mentioned, this park is usually quiet on a weekday morning, that particular day the park was CROWDED! 

Nice pussy.

There were at least 10 old men playing boccie ball in front of the bathrooms, with a brownie troop nearby. The pavilion by the trail head had a group of 20 kids and chaperones. Not to mention, there were tons of walkers circling the lake. It was a beautiful day. A nice 82 degrees with no humidity. I think that was the big draw.

Tiffany was a bit self conscious of her slutty shorts with well padded gaff, so we opted to park near the entrance to the trail right from the road, bypassing the lake entirely. In the car, she changed out of her sweats, but kept her pussy cat shirt on. We than proceeded to the trail eager to try her skill on the par course. That day, it seemed like every single retired person was walking their dog, not to mention the amount of bicyclists too. Holy moley.

I noted she was visibly worried, and she told me she feared her boy clit would poke through her shorts, and cause mayhem on the trail. I opted for a secluded spot off the trail and by the stream. She relaxed a bit and we did some warm up stretches.

Downward facing tramp.

Caught up in the serenity of the stream and surrounding trees, Tiffany was inspired to do some yoga. Downward dog was her favorite pose, as it showed off the tramp stamp and tight butt nicely.

I wanted the slut to do some Prancercise in the grass. Tiffany can be a bit of a diva, and almost cried because her new white socks got a little mud on them. Sigh.

Run Tiffany, Run!

I was irritated by her drama and made her play fetch. She liked the doggie pose so much, she needed to be treated like one!  I threw the ball to her and she brought it back to me in her mouth like a good puppy.

Tiffany is as fond of running as I am, so we headed to a different spot where she could show off her fine running form. Look at that stride! Look at those boobs! Those legs! Such a graceful runner!

Summer isn’t complete without baseball. She did a few laps around the ball field and ended with some sexy stretches. Did I mention the grounds crew was out getting the field ready for the afternoon little league game? Well, they were, and they gave our girl a few encouraging whistles.

Why did she feel more comfortable with the grounds crew than the folks at the park? She’s a whore that’s why. She’s always looking for attention.

Put me in coach, I’m ready to play. Today…

I decided she could go to work without release. That should teach her! I am the boss, and I control her cum.

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A Tale of Two Sissies

Actually, it was one sissy, but she saw me twice.

Someone is happy to see me.

Tiffany was trapped inside of a young, Asian male’s body. She longed for freedom, but lacked a safe place for expression. Tiffany had never sucked cock, but wanted to. She had never been pounded up the ass, but desired it. Tiffany had never worn stockings, heels or lingerie and cried herself to sleep for longing

Then one day, while visiting San Jose, she called Mistress J Studios. Mistress J invited her over they had fun together. Tiffany tried on some lacy undies and a bra. She walked in heels for the first time, stumbling only once.

Tiffany went through a strict training regimen. First, she had to warm up her throat on a series of rubber dongs. I stick them on a mirror and it become my glory hole. The slut kneeled down and worked the cocks well. Each time she went a little deeper and after mastering one cock, she moved on to a bigger one.

After the cock sucking, it was time to work on the clit and pussy.I like to have my sluts wear open crotch panties. That way I have access to the goods and the lingerie can stay on. The sissy’s boy clit (cock) and boy pussy (ass) gets a good workout, and she remains feminine.

She leaned against the cross facing me first. I slapped her clitty and pinched her nipples. Other types of play occurred, and after a while, she was instructed to turn around and present her pussy to me. She complied, and enjoyed a series of swats, pinches and floggings on her butt and back.

Finally, it was time for anal/pussy training. Spread out and chained pussy up on the floor she eagerly awaited my gloved fingers. After getting her tight hole a little looser, she was begging for more.

I won’t go into any more sordid details, but Tiffany got the training she needed. She was filled to the brim and went home a satisfied lady.

But wait, there’s more!  

Business brought the slut back to the bay Area and she continued with her training. A full makeover took place and I decided

Three cheers for the red, white and blue!

to dress her up like a trashy girl. She was also treated like one.  It sure is fun watching these girls blossom and spread their, um, wings.

Tiffany showed her true colors, taking it like a champ. She is a patriotic princess and believes in the freedom to be a slut!

If you have a hidden sissy and are curious about my style of Feminine Domination, I invite you to contact me for a session in my San Jose studio.

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Mistress J Studios is a sex positive studio that provides a safe place for personal expression. Nude male photography, male and female submission, cross dressing and gender bending are welcomed and encouraged here.

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Such Exquisite Torture! A session with a masochist…

Allen* came over one sunny afternoon. He is a long time client here at Mistress J’s. Lately he has been craving some serious humiliation, degradation and even a little pain. What’s funny about Allen is he started off here as a sensual massage client. Now he is a hard-core pervy pain slut and I am constantly thinking of fun new ways in which to torture his ass. (among other things)

Allen was ordered to strip and wait for me in the dungeon. I was excited to use my three new ceiling hooks that Ryan hung when he lost that bet. I also had a few other surprises in store for him.

I chained these balls to the wall.

I chained these balls to the wall.

I know he is as fond of receiving CBT as I am of giving it. I have a few fun penis devices, but the problem is, Allen’s balls are rather large. It makes it difficult for me to wrap such devices around them so modifications are usually made. I knew he’d enjoy my spiky cock parachute, but also knew he wouldn’t be able to wear it the traditional way, wrapped around his balls and hanging downward. Instead, I wrapped it around his large cock and he had the thrill of experiencing a hundred little cat claws digging into his manhood!

I added a weight to the parachute so he could feel a nice swing when he moved. I took a chain and secured it to the wall. Poor Allen had to endure the entire session standing up, but that was by design, I wanted access to all the good parts.


Tryin’a break the chains but the chains only break me**

I went about blindfolding and restraining him to the ceiling with cuffs and chains. Mistress J is really digging the new hooks. I took out my trusty anal hook, wrapped a rubber around it and lubed it up. I slowly inserted it into Allen’s butt. His growing excitement was evident despite wearing a tight, prickly parachute on his ding-dong.

Feeling owned and controlled, Allen hung his head and leaned on the long dangling chains for support. He had no choice but to submit. I took out my electric gloves and ran them all over his body, administering sweet shocks in the most private of places. At times, I spanked his firm little arse with my favorite paddle. He let out grateful yelps.

Poor Allen. This man comes here on his lunch hour to be treated like a dirty rag. How dare Mistress J do this to him?!?

Well, I aim to please.

This man had a bit more “treatment” to endure. I took my little footstool and sat down. I lubed up my new anal speculum and switched the hook for the speculum because someone needed to be DRstretched for something bigger.

The metal was a little cold, and Allen let out a shiver as it slid into his behind. I took my time and slid it in and out several times before opening it up. Allen sighed with pleasure as the speculum gently pried open his anus. I secured the latch and let him enjoy the feeling of the pressure the instrument gave to his inner butt hole. I enjoyed this part of the session. Not many men get to feel the enjoyment of a speculum, at least not as often as women. I felt like a doctor indeed and wished I had a white lab coat.


Ride, Sally ride…

Feeling he was ready for the last part of my evil plans, I took out my harness and gave Allen what he came for; hard, forceful pegging! I took a photo of me riding his ass, which I did for 20 minutes. Do you feel sorry for him? I don’t. This man was getting what he deserved, and more!

So, Allen endured what I gave him, and when it was over, quickly devoured a bottle of water. He took a shower and came downstairs on shaky legs.

“That was a quick hour Mistress, thank you.” he said as he took leave of me.

I know he will be back soon.

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Mistress J Studios is a sex positive studio that provides a safe place for personal expression. Nude male photography, male and female submission, cross dressing and gender bending are welcomed and encouraged here.

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*Name changed to protect the innocent.   **From Nick Jonas “Chains”.



Spring Time is Swing Time! A New Item at Mistress J’s.

Ryan lost a bet.

We were racing our turtles, and his lost, so he had to be my kinky handyman in the playroom. I had a fabulous new toy, so I gladly put him to work.

Stud finder. Enough said.

Ryan had to hang my new sex swing. I like my handymen to wear a specific uniform (nekkid), which he enthusiastically changed in to. He grabbed his tools and set about finding a strong ceiling beam to attach it to.

Ryan gave a new meaning to the term stud finder, pun intended. He found a support beam and picked a place on the ceiling. Up it went. Next, we had to test it out.

Who better to test out the swing than the man who put it up?  I put his naked ass into the swing and blindfolded him. I spun him around and we laughed as his feet hit my closet, Ryan is pretty tall. He hopped out and I put him on his tummy facing downward.

In this position, I simulated pegging him. We noticed his head was really close to the wall. I swung him back and forth, and if I did it vigorously, he would bang his head on the wall! This was not good. swing

I told Ryan he had to fix this problem and find a new place to hang the swing. I was irritated about this, and decided on a suitable punishment for putting an unwanted hole in the ceiling.

New spot found and tested. Now, on to the punishment!

a humble man

I’ll turn you into a humble man…

I cuffed Ryan to the cross and had him bend over. I grabbed his cock and balls and pulled them backwards, a little rope isolated his balls. Next, I grabbed a few dowels and rubber bands and made a homemade humbler.

He needed to be humbled for his error. Ryan is a good handyman, but in the past has made a few mistakes in my playroom. He needed to think long and hard about these blunders. Bad Ryan!

Great balls of fire!

Goodness gracious, great balls of fire!

I flogged Ryan’s back and used my cat claws on delicate areas. The problem with this punishment was, well, he enjoyed it. How was he ever going to learn?

“Get down on all fours.” I ordered, He complied.

I rather like predicaments, so I put him in one. And it was a dandy. Anal hook inserted and fastened to the wall, hands cuffed behind back, head resting on the floor. Next, a little foot torture. I hoped he was learning the error of his ways.

I quickly got the impression he liked where my feet were. Let’s just say Ryan was rising to the occasion! This was a very stubborn man who was not feeling remorse for anything.

badI got out my cane and swatted his bottom. “Repent!” I yelled.

Ten, eleven, twelve hard strokes. Finally a whimper escaped his mouth. Three more firm wacks to make sure. Satisfied he was going to be more careful next time he worked for me, I released him.

“Forgive me Mistress, for I have sinned.” Ryan said.

I decided to forgive him and we made an appointment for following week to hang my new blinds.

If you are curious about my swing, flogging, caning and my style of Feminine Domination, I invite you to contact me for a session in my San Jose studio.

Intrigued? Contact me.

Mistress J Studios is a sex positive studio that provides a safe place for personal expression. Nude male photography, male and female submission, cross dressing and gender bending are welcomed and encouraged here.

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You lay on your back as I ordered, in anticipation of what is to come. Your cock is standing at attention and dripping pre-cum. It rolls down to your balls and drips on my floor. You are making a mess and will pay dearly for that.

Your hands wait patiently at your side. I crouch down over your face, giving you a lovely view of my womanhood and ass. I hover there, my strong legs able to stay in that position as long as I need to. You can smell me. You ache to taste me. But not yet.

I turn my body so I am facing your cock. I want to watch you play with yourself as I smother you. The nipple clamps go on and your body tenses for a moment with pain and pleasure.

I straddle your face again and ease myself onto your eager open mouth. You are engulfed by my womanly scent and juices. You can’t breathe, and I order you to please me with your tongue. You oblige and your past training has conditioned you to hold your breath for long periods of time.

Eagerly you lap up my juices and lick my wet pussy. I order you to fuck me with your tongue and I ride it like a pony. Your hands ache to do something, but I am not ready for that. I pull those clamps because it amuses me. I see your body start to twitch. I know you need a breath, but I delight in your discomfort. You are wiggling. I ease my hindquarters up a bit and you get a quick, delicious breath. Then I settle back down.

After a while you are allowed to touch yourself. You are a little dirty slut and you fondle your hard, dripping cock with pleasure. I order you to lick my ass. You oblige and I reward you with another pull on those clamps. You’re able to last a little longer this time, delighting in my scent and being consumed by my feminine power. You are very good at what you do, and I roll across your face.

This goes on and on. I ease up only when I feel you should breathe, I pull the clamps, I scratch your chest and you rub your cock. You are thrusting from pleasure, from needing air and because you are close to exploding. But not yet.
I make you lick my pussy and ass until I cum all over your face. NOW you are allowed to cum, but you must do it as I pull those clamps. I am still smothering you, only allowing your breath when absolutely necessary.

I see you nearing climax. I pull harder and you shoot that hot, white cum onto your chest. I slide off your face and order you to wipe it up with your hand. You do so, and I have you suck your dirty fingers with that mouth that pleasured me so.

Such a good boy.

Mistress J Studios is a sex positive studio that provides a safe place for personal expression. Nude male photography, male and female submission, cross dressing and gender bending are welcomed and encouraged here.

 My email is  I am in San Jose, California.  I look forward to hearing from you. 408-896-5836.

Alice in Chains. Or, Me and a Movie Star do an Amazing Transformation!

Two weeks ago, I had the honor of filming with the fabulous and famous Alice of Alice In Bondage Land!

Alice had arranged a special day for Mistress J.  She had her chastity clad sissy Bobbie ready to go for a full transformation, and I was going to be providing make up tips for sissies. This post will show you photos from the day and tell you about some of the fun we had turning Robert into Bobbie. If you want to see the full video, take a look at Alice In Sissy Land. The video will be uploaded shortly and you watch our adventure.

I provide complete cross dressing transformation services here at Mistress J Studios. Your session can include  hair and makeup, a photo session and even a little FemDom.

This was a fun day. We met at the Sunnyvale studio in our street clothes looking very vanilla. Bobbie (still Robert) hung up her wardrobe, laid out her frilly panties, lined up her shoes, then I picked out the outfit I wanted her to change into.  After the outfit was selected, we had to choose appropriate accessories, as they make the look complete, and it was decided I would let her wear my great-auntie’s vintage pearl necklace and screw back earrings.

Alice and I changed into our sexy Domina clothes set up our cameras and the filming began. Step by step I explained
what I was doing as far as makeup for Bobbie. That included color matching foundation, evening out redness, covering 5 o’clock shadow, etc. I demonstrated eye makeup techniques and painted on eyebrows, ending with the application of very full and fabulous false eyelashes. Sometime during the makeup lesson, it was determined that Bobbie was very wiggly, so Alice had to restrain her in ropes so she wouldn’t get away.

After the makeup and positioning of the wig, Bobbie was untied and told to get dressed. Bobbie had to strip out of her boy clothes and change into her girl clothes right there on camera! This included applying breast forms, the corset to make a waist, leggings and other support garments.

Bobbie is in chastity and had been for about 3 months. After stepping out of her man briefs, we got a good look at her bits in chastity. Her balls had grown huge and her little cock looked more like a clit confined in a cage.  Alice, being

If you look closely, you can see the chastity device.

If you look closely, you can see the chastity device.

Bobbie’s keyholder supervised the outfit change offering suggestions, humiliation and discipline when appropriate.

For the remainder of the afternoon, I took glamorous still photos of Bobbie and Alice, even a few of me were taken.

Alice and I then teamed up and doubled dommed the beautiful Bobbie. That naughty girl was giggly and wiggly and we had to put her in her place! Spanking, flogging, whipping

Bobbie is being a naughty girl.

Bobbie is being a naughty girl.

and general tormenting ensued, and the two ladies thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

After the photo shoot, we headed up to San Francisco to participate in the Sissy munch at Wicked Grounds coffee shop.

Mistress J Studios is a sex positive studio that provides a safe place for personal expression. Nude male photography, male and female submission, cross dressing, gender bending is welcomed and encouraged here.

Intrigued? Contact me. My email is  I am in San Jose, California.  I can be found on Fetlife as MistressJ9. I look forward to hearing from you.

Robert before.

Robert before.


Bobbie after with her keyholder Alice

Bobbie after the transformation with her keyholder Alice