Tiffany Goes Back to School. Part 1

New backpack.


The beautiful Tiffany was coming to town for one last trip before the year ended and she wanted to go all out!

Tiffany wanted to have a milestone in her education, as she feels she is getting ready to graduate into a real and true sissy slut. 

She wants to LEARN as much as possible, and who better to teach her than Mistress J?

The slut was very horny and wanted to taste real cock. I had the perfect friend in mind when she made this request, but more on that in Part 2.

Tiff was going to get a pussy wax at a local place and check into her regular hotel. She was going to have Friday late afternoon and evening and much of Saturday for homework assignments. I told her I’d come over to her hotel Saturday evening for grading and play.

I had a special gift for her, a personalized backpack, hot pink of course, and left it at the desk earlier that day. I wanted her to have it waiting for her upon her arrival. It was full of clothes and gadgets, as well as instructions for the weekend.

Tiffany had two pages of homework assignments. I won’t bore you by listing all of them, so only the highlights will be discussed. 

One of my favorite tasks, was Tiffany was allowed to only eat “kid food” that weekend. Juice boxes, mac and cheese, PB&J, oatmeal, and soups were her menu. Which she had to purchase herself.

The school subjects were:

Physical Education, Ceramics, Math, Photography, Film Making and Creative Writing.

Ceramics was one of my favorite subjects. I had high hopes for this one. I supplied her with a Play Dough kit with an assortment of colors and letter stamps. She was instructed to make pornographic images and naughty words. Grading would be on technique as well as creativity. This is what she came up with. Grade: C. Why a C? I was hoping for interesting color combinations and naughtier people.

Tiffany fared much better in the other subjects, which also translated to a fabulous grade in Film Making.

Math required Tiffany to do multiplication and addition exercises by grabbing a squishy pecker with her butt cheek, walk across the room and drop it on the chair. She really knows her numbers and has tight little cheeks.  She could cross the room without dropping a pecker! Grade: A.

Tiffany really shined in PE. She took this subject seriously. She was instructed to do arm curls with the heavy metal dildo with a butt plug in her butt. Look at this photo. What perfect form! The plug stayed in the whole time. Grade: A+.

She may have scored an A+ in Film Making, but this girl did NOT take a single still photo. I had to make still photos from the videos. Such a Bad Girl. Photography Grade: F.

Creative Writing was another area of expertise. She was instructed to write love letters to Mr D, Amber and Mike Tyson (Tiffany is a huge fan).

Below is the letter to Mike Tyson. I want to send Mr D and Amber their letters privately, then they can give a grade themselves. Please email me at mistressjstudios@gmail with your email and I’ll forward her letter.

A peek up the school girl’s skirt!

Mike’s letter:


Love your power and body and I can’t wait until I am woman enough to take your BBC.  I am working with my Mistress to become more mature and I can’t wait until a BBC is allowed to be put in front on my body…  My mouth and bottom would by a lovely welcoming home for you as I would take my time fully exploring your needs.
Please think of me and let me know what I can do to prove myself to you.”
What do you all think of this letter? Aside from the rather casual salutation, do you think it is worthy of a B+? 
I leave this post with a photo of Tiffany studying her Bible. Stay tuned for my next episode of Tiffany Goes Back to School. The school girl cuts loose and becomes a real slut. You don’t want to miss it.

Trimming the Weeds. Or, Should a Man Manscape?

To manscape, or not to manscape? That is the question.

If a client asks me if they should manscape, I ask them if they like their partners hairy. I leave it at that and let them decide. After all, hairiness is a two-way street.

I am a very open minded Mistress, and enjoy the male body in all forms, and I do enjoy me some male chest hair, especially to rub my feet in. But when it comes to the nether regions, my opinion is, trimmed is best. Not bald, or totally bushy, but trimmed. 

This is for a few reasons. One, it’s pretty and the hair does not visually detract from the main attraction.

The second reason is for CBT, or cock ball torture. If you want Mistress J to tie up your balls with rope, shorter hair is better. Now, if you are a hard core masochist, the longer pubes will get pulled and twisted along with the goods. Perhaps that’s what you desire?

The third and most important is cleanliness. Sometimes particles can get trapped in butt hair despite a vigorous shower. Good boys want to be minty fresh for their Mistress.

 This graphic will give you a good idea on why Dommes might enjoy a clean works pace.

Decorating is a breeze!

Gents, you won’t get no action, if we can’t see what your packin’!

That being said, while I prefer things trimmed down under, I won’t turn away anyone who looks like this.  And while I understand some areas are hard to reach, I offer erotic shaving as part of a session. Imagine me, warm water, shave gel and a sharp razor by your bits!

Intrigued? Contact me.

If you are curious about being shaved and my style of Feminine Domination, I invite you to contact me for a session in my San Jose studio.

Mistress J Studios is a sex positive studio that provides a safe place for personal expression. Nude male photography, male and female submission, cross dressing and gender bending are welcomed and encouraged here.

My email is  I am in San Jose, California.  I look forward to hearing from you.

FBSM, Tie & Tease and Elysium. The Sensual Side at the Studio.

It is true Mistress J enjoys blogging about (with client permission) some of her extreme sessions. But many of the sessions here are sensual, and she likes it that way!

I spend a lot of my week doing sensual massage, and my new session, the Tie & Tease has become a customer favorite.   

I’ll explain a little about my three sensual massage sessions FBSM, Tie & Tease and Elysium, with pictures depicting Elysium and the Tie & Tease.


Warm lube and oil feels of so nice!

In a FBSM session, you spend 60% face down and 40% face up. We always start face down.  Your arms and legs are free.

In Elysium and the Tie & Tease, you are restrained

Elysium is more 50/50 face up and down, but remember, in this session, your arms and legs are tied down to the table and are blindfolded and are wearing headphones. You really sink into subspace in this one.


Can’t touch this!

The Tie & Tease is a face up session.  The whole time your sexy body is exposed to me. You are tied down, and you become a little toy for me to play with!

When one is tied down, they can look, or feel, but not touch. Often, my client ends up struggling against the restraints, muttering he wishes he could be free. That always makes me smile.



As you stretch out your nude body in my warm playroom, I heat the massage oil and lube, along with some hot towels.

In all of my sensual sessions, you will experience sensation play. What is that you ask? Well, you can expect to experience a variety of objects all along your body. Some might be soft and fluffy, others a little scratchy, some pointy, some tickling, and for some, even mildly electric! Electric current can be very sensual when on a low setting.

Set to special music, all of these sessions start off slow. I like to think of each session as a slow seduction. I am the seducer of course, you, my object of desire. Slowly, I caress and tease your body, sending up shivers of delight. Face down or face up, something begins to rise to the occasion. 

After a nice beginning of sensation play, I do a nice body to body oil glide. My LUSCIOUS, CURVY BODY teases and torments you as I glide over you with warm oil. Remember, in an Elysium session, you’ll be deprived of sight and sound, so you won’t know what’s happening! 

It is after the glide when I turn you over.


Taking “matters” into my own hands!

I really enjoy teasing and playing the edge game.   I tease you with my hands. Think slow Klixen massage. Such agonizing torment!

Over & over, I play with you, until you think you will explode. I love watching you struggle to maintain control over your body, which wants to rupture in delight. I bring you oh-so-close to the edge.

Then I back off, then do it again…    

How long can you hold out?

Intrigued? Contact me.

If you are curious about the Tie & Tease, Elysium, FBSM  & my style of Feminine Domination, I invite you to contact me for a session in my San Jose studio.

Mistress J Studios is a sex positive studio that provides a safe place for personal expression. Nude male photography, male and female submission, cross dressing and gender bending are welcomed and encouraged here.

My email is  I am in San Jose, California.  I look forward to hearing from you.