Cock-A-Doodle-Do! A girl wears a ding-a-ling and the boys like it!

roosterMistress J loves being a woman. She likes her lady parts and her curves. She likes seeing men drool at her juicy ass and perky breasts. She appreciates the gift of multiple orgasms and her power of seduction over men.

But once in a while, or several times a week, as is the case here at the studio, a tool she wasn’t born with must be employed.

That tool is the rubber cock. 

I will now use this opportunity to switch from the third to first person. 

straponMost of my clients like seeing me wearing a cock and using it in some way.  I might be forcing it down their throat or sliding it up their ass. Either way, the sight of me in my strap-on literally and figuratively brings them to their knees! 

Let’s talk about boys who like to suck a girl’s cock.

Since I am happy being a strong, powerful woman, I can honestly say I do not suffer from penis envy. THAT is reserved for my clients. They envy women who can strap it on and give it to a man in his mouth. 

I enjoy making a guy choke on it, watching the drool and snot come out of his nose as he swallows my tool. I like hearing the sloppy sounds as he devours dick like it was a deliciously decadent dessert.

 I especially like seeing a blow job virgin stare at the large willy in front of him, eyes wide with fear and doubt, wondering how he can manage it.

“Suck it up buttercup.” I tell him. 

He struggles against a firm hand holding his head and forcing it down deep, my fingers buried in his hair.  He experiences his gag reflex hitting the large object on the back of his throat. He feels the humiliation of drool dripping down his face and the difficulty to breathe as his nose becomes clogged with his own mucus as he fights to master the member. 

Speaking of blow job virgins, I remember the fist time I had Allen* suck my rainbow bridge. I wrote about Allen last year, remember him? He started off so innocent, but quickly wanted more and more. One day, I told him he was going to suck cock. I stuck my rainbow beauty on the mirror and had him sit on the stool in front of it. He stared at it for a long time. He was scared, perhaps even a little angry Mistress J would demand such disgusting things of him. 

Jumbo size. How do you guys walk around with these things?

Super Size it! How do you guys walk around with these things?

After looking at it and breathing deeply for about 3 minutes he began to pleasure the rainbow. As his throat opened up, he warmed up to my cock. Deeper and deeper it went. Soon, he was sucking like a well seasoned pro! I think he was hoping to reach the pot of gold at the end of that rainbow!

He liked it so much, one day he asked me to don my biggest dick and make him pleasure it. And pleasure it he did! And after he was done, his reward was to take photos of me in my big brown cock!

I have a variety of sizes to satisfy all my clients. I like to be able to cater to the newbie as well as seasoned cock suckers. IMG_20160216_164039298The photo on the right is a small sampling of what I have to chew on here in the studio. I’m confident I have something just your size…

Intrigued? Contact me.

If you are curious about cock sucking & my style of Feminine Domination, I invite you to contact me for a session in my San Jose studio.

Mistress J Studios is a sex positive studio that provides a safe place for personal expression. Nude male photography, male and female submission, cross dressing and gender bending are welcomed and encouraged here.

My email is  I am in San Jose, California.  I look forward to hearing from you.

*name changed to protect the not so innocent.


No cocks were harmed in the making of this blog.

FBSM, Tie & Tease and Elysium. The Sensual Side at the Studio.

It is true Mistress J enjoys blogging about (with client permission) some of her extreme sessions. But many of the sessions here are sensual, and she likes it that way!

I spend a lot of my week doing sensual massage, and my new session, the Tie & Tease has become a customer favorite.   

I’ll explain a little about my three sensual massage sessions FBSM, Tie & Tease and Elysium, with pictures depicting Elysium and the Tie & Tease.


Warm lube and oil feels of so nice!

In a FBSM session, you spend 60% face down and 40% face up. We always start face down.  Your arms and legs are free.

In Elysium and the Tie & Tease, you are restrained

Elysium is more 50/50 face up and down, but remember, in this session, your arms and legs are tied down to the table and are blindfolded and are wearing headphones. You really sink into subspace in this one.


Can’t touch this!

The Tie & Tease is a face up session.  The whole time your sexy body is exposed to me. You are tied down, and you become a little toy for me to play with!

When one is tied down, they can look, or feel, but not touch. Often, my client ends up struggling against the restraints, muttering he wishes he could be free. That always makes me smile.



As you stretch out your nude body in my warm playroom, I heat the massage oil and lube, along with some hot towels.

In all of my sensual sessions, you will experience sensation play. What is that you ask? Well, you can expect to experience a variety of objects all along your body. Some might be soft and fluffy, others a little scratchy, some pointy, some tickling, and for some, even mildly electric! Electric current can be very sensual when on a low setting.

Set to special music, all of these sessions start off slow. I like to think of each session as a slow seduction. I am the seducer of course, you, my object of desire. Slowly, I caress and tease your body, sending up shivers of delight. Face down or face up, something begins to rise to the occasion. 

After a nice beginning of sensation play, I do a nice body to body oil glide. My LUSCIOUS, CURVY BODY teases and torments you as I glide over you with warm oil. Remember, in an Elysium session, you’ll be deprived of sight and sound, so you won’t know what’s happening! 

It is after the glide when I turn you over.


Taking “matters” into my own hands!

I really enjoy teasing and playing the edge game.   I tease you with my hands. Think slow Klixen massage. Such agonizing torment!

Over & over, I play with you, until you think you will explode. I love watching you struggle to maintain control over your body, which wants to rupture in delight. I bring you oh-so-close to the edge.

Then I back off, then do it again…    

How long can you hold out?

Intrigued? Contact me.

If you are curious about the Tie & Tease, Elysium, FBSM  & my style of Feminine Domination, I invite you to contact me for a session in my San Jose studio.

Mistress J Studios is a sex positive studio that provides a safe place for personal expression. Nude male photography, male and female submission, cross dressing and gender bending are welcomed and encouraged here.

My email is  I am in San Jose, California.  I look forward to hearing from you.






Makin’ You My Bitch, or, Owning Your Ass.

A session might go like this…

I answer the door to your knock, smiling in anticipation of tonight’s events. You enter shyly, also smiling and your eyes light up in pleasure at the sight of me.

cockI invite you into the living room, admiring the way your jeans hang on your hips. Your clothes always have a casual elegance, and your energy tonight is playful and boyish. “Your ass is mine tonight,” I say to myself as you remove your coat and hang it up.

I let you sit down and relax just a bit. Over tea, we discuss pleasantries. I think you are confused as to why I am treating you almost as an equal. I look into your eyes, and see your guard going down just a bit, and that is my trigger.

I take you up to my playroom. I close the door behind us and you look at me with some surprise, the door is never closed during play.

“Strip quickly.” I command. You have no choice but to obey.

I point to the floor and you kneel down, hands behind your back. I slowly circle you, admiring your body. Touching you where I want, teasing your chest hair, tweaking a nipple. I lean over you and put my black leather collar around your neck. Once it’s on, I pause, holding you close to me and we breathe deeply together for a moment. I inhale your heady male scent and slide my tongue up to your ear.

“I’m making you my little bitch tonight.” I whisper. I feel you tremble in anticipation. You have longed for this, begged for it, hungered to be made mine. It is finally going to happen.

I have you stand up and I place your ankles in my cuffs and spread your legs wide with my spreader bar. Confined and open, I bend you over my green couch and you rest on your elbows, ass in the air.

I slap that sweet little ass and the smacking sound excites me. I slip a well lubed and gloved finger inside your ass and feel that tight warmth. Slowly and firmly I move my finger in and out, loosening you up. I can feel you relax a bit, you start to slowly grind my fingers. I stick in another and you are amazed that two fingers easily fit into your asshole.

When I tire of that play, I pull out, inject more lube up your ass with a lube shooter then continue to open you up with the Hitachi Magic Wand with P-Spot adaptor. You gasp as the fullness enters you. Your cock springs to attention as I slowly begin to pump your ass with it. I turn it on low and you moan with pleasure, dripping pre-cum onto the towel I placed under you so my furniture will not get soiled.

You are now writhing with pleasure and dripping like crazy, I turn the vibrator on high and I think you will jump out of your skin. Such intense sensations! When I am not using both hands to pump you with the wand I slap your ass. “Yes,” you whisper with each slap of my hand.

“Are you ready slut?” I ask you when I turn off the vibe. “Yes Mistress,” you mumble.

“What are you ready for? I ask you.

“I am ready for you to make me your bitch.”

I have you help me put on my cock. I pull you back onto your knees and I have you suck it like the silly slut you are. Soon, you are deep throating it, looking up into my eyes with adoration as saliva slides out of the side of your mouth.

Seeing you like this pleases me. My pussy is wet and I am turned on. I reach out and slap your cheek. It takes you by surprise, but you smile.

“Back on your knees bitch.” I order and again you are sprawled out on the green couch.

I stand up and slide my long, thin dong inside you. We both moan with delight and I begin to fuck your ass the way I want my pussy fucked. Long, slow and hard, teasing you with the tip, never quite going all the way down, teasing you until suddenly you feel the full length of me deep inside you.

Now I begin to pump you harder. “I want to hear it,” I say as I grab your hips and ram your tight ass.

“I am your bitch Mistress.” Your voice is muffled as your face is in the seat of the couch.

I grab your shoulder with one hand, and the collar by the other and yank you up.

“Do you like being treated like a slut?” I ask you as I bite your ear.

“I do Mistress, I am a dirty slut. I am your slut,” You say, and I respond with a firm slap on your ass with my hand.

You are overcome. Drool spills out of your mouth, your cock drips pre-cum you moan and breathe deep and hard. Do you like the feeling of the dong up your ass, or do you like the situation of being fucked hard by a powerful woman, the role reversal? You are unsure what to think, but you do know you like being used for my pleasure. And I am very well pleased.

You are now mine. My bitch, my slut, my plaything. I plan on using you often.