The Submissive Male

Sub manAh, the submissive male! A favorite of Mistress J.

Do you hunger to submit to a beautiful and powerful woman? Feel the need to be tied up and secure, or perhaps you are in need of some discipline. Maybe you just want to serve.

As a PhotoDomme, I love to photograph the vulnerable side of men. I provide a safe space for men to shed their tough exterior and let their subby side show through. I will direct the scene and take you on a emotional ride much more fun than Space Mountain, and with all of the images on a CD or provided memory stick.

I can be a part of the scene, or it can be all about you. Come join me at the studio. It will only hurt if you want it to.


3 thoughts on “The Submissive Male

  1. i am a male and feel jealous when i see women dress sexy and like to be like them and dress like them, i wish i was bon a girl. i am looking for a woman who can feminize me and treat me as a woman in every way, i will be her submissive and obey her.

  2. Mistress J,

    I am an older male in the process of becoming what I hope will be a collared submissive for my Queen. The issue is we are both exploring this desire for the first time for both of us and as pleasant as it has been (we have had one face to face encounter) I feel we are both at a loss as to what to do, expect or be with each other. We are not a 24/7 relationship, it is an affair. She is younger by some years yet I feel I am doing a better than average ‘job’ in becoming her submissive. We just need direction and guidance. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated and with her permission I would kiss your feet as well.


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