Fun Excuses to Invest in That Boudoir Photo Shoot

Have you always wanted to have boudoir pictures taken but haven’t quite come up with the perfect excuse? Here are a few fun reasons to invest in that boudoir photo shoot:

  • The pictures make great gifts! They are a perfect way to commemorate your upcoming anniversary, celebrate your engagement/wedding or say “happy birthday!” or “happy holidays!” to that special someone.
  • Boudoir photos can make time stand still. Do you want this moment in your life to last a lifetime? Commemorate your new relationship with individual or couples photos that express your love and attraction towards each other.
  • They can help you empower yourself. Whether you’re single or in a relationship, boudoir photos can be a fantastic affirmation of how sexy and beautiful you really are.

What are other reasons you recommend investing in a boudoir photo shoot? I’d love to hear what inspired you!

3 thoughts on “Fun Excuses to Invest in That Boudoir Photo Shoot

  1. For me, it was to fulfill the fantasy of being a sexy male model. Why should only the famous or perfect-looking be able to do a sexy photo shoot in a real studio with a real photographer? People hire photographers to shoot their pets, children, family photos, weddings…why not do something for *yourself*?

    Everyone wants to be told they’re attractive and sexy. Many of us secretly wish we could do a hot photo shoot in a studio set, with the flash going off, the shutter clicking, and encouraging words from a professional photographer, guiding your every pose. Fantasizing you are a Playboy (or Playgirl!) model, or a Hollywood star. Overcoming your nervousness and seeing the quality of the result.

    I say, instead of the same-old getting your nails done or having a spa day, indulge in a boudoir shoot with Jeanine. She’s fantastic! And guys – this goes for us too. Why should the women get all the attention all the time?

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