Driving Miss Daisy. A slut gets his petals plucked.

Recently, a woman contacted me because her boyfriend had been acting up and was being unusually feisty. They have a long distance relationship, so she requested my help in taming the shrew. I named this person Daisy, and I was really looking forward to plucking her petals!

The girlfriend requested I film the juicy parts of the session*, so she could enjoy watching and humiliating him over and over when he visited her. She supplied a camera, and I happily complied.

Daisy likes to be treated rough, and knew she had to spend 4 hours with me, but prior to that, she was sent to a friend of the girlfriend for prepping. When Daisy showed up on my doorstep, she was in chastity, freshly enema’d balls shaved, shocking butt plug inserted and, of course, showered. She was literally, as fresh as a daisy! She brought along a black duffel bag full of surprises and a bag of gifts for me.

As soon as she came in, I put a hood on her, gagged her and tied her wrists. I took the bag and guided her up the stairs to the playroom with my leash and dog collar. I sat her down and unpacked the bag of surprises. Daisy had a nice set of white lingerie; bra, panties, stocking garter belt. a selection of clothes, and really slutty shoes.

I set up the video camera on a tripod and soon Daisy was ready for her closeup.

I stripped her, did my usual inspection. Daisy’s legs were hairy. A few shocks to the ass were given for this oversight, then, arms were chained to the ceiling as I shaved her legs. If you look carefully at the photo, you will see she is wearing a key. That is the key to her chastity device in case I felt she deserved release.

Next came the feminization. Tied to a chair daisy endured a makeover complete with custom foundation, lashes and wig. She looked so pretty. Next came my favorite part, dressing her! I always liked dolls, and dressing up a sissy is like playing with a big doll. There were several outfits supplied by the girlfriend, and I chose something sexy and summery. A hot pink pencil skirt with a white blouse and slutty hot pink platform shoes so tall she could barely walk in! This went over her white lingerie of course. I also accessorized with gold and pink jewelry. A classy sexy summer secretary indeed.

Daisy was subjected to countless humiliations. Floggings, spankings, zappings, clothespins on her pussy lips, metal nipple clamps tied to her boy clit, bondage, etc. If she didn’t comply, a sharp shock to the ass ensued. 

Daisy had to prove her sluttiness by sucking my cock and the wall of cocks, and again, if she didn’t do it right, you know what happened…

Finally, I took out her butt plug and slowly opened her pussy with a cock. She moaned in pleasure and begged for more. She is a bondage slut, so I attached a spreader bar to her legs, and in the front, her wrists. I hooked her up to the ceiling with an ANAL HOOK.

But wait, there is more.

The slut had a head harness, and the harness pulled her head back and was attached to the ceiling chain. Then she was forced to dry hump the floor. It must have been hard to do with her head arched back and her arms and legs spread open. But she seemed to enjoy it. 

A tasty treat!

Daisy’s girlfriend told me she always makes her clean up her mess, and she had been instructed not to self pleasure for 10 days. I was excited about the possibility of forcing the girl to be a filthy dirty whore, so after removing the chastity cage, I made her cum into a dish and she had to swallow her huge 10 day load! Look at the volume. I bet it was yummy. What do you think it tasted like?

I hope you enjoyed reading about Daisy. I can create a custom experience for you, that may or may not involve panties.

*No sissies were harmed in the filming or writing of this blog.

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Teaching Danielle a Lesson For Being a Slut.

Danielle was feeling slutty. Mistress knew it the moment she walked in. Her sluttiness hung on her like cheap perfume, cloying and sweet. She gave off that air of sluttiness that some mistake as confidence.  Mistress knows better. Danielle needed to be taught a lesson, and quickly.

Danielle was here to serve Mistress J. But she had a little attitude, and Mistress does not like a cocky gurl. Mistress J turned Danielle over her knee and pulled down her panties, giving her bottom ten hard smacks.

She then made Danielle stand in the corner and think about what she had done.

Mistress J had received reports that Danielle had been behaving badly at work. She had been teasing the men with her boobs and wearing very tight skirts, hoping to taunt them into touching her privates. Danielle was also known to brag about her cock-sucking skills, but in reality had never, ever sucked one.


Danielle’s goods be locked up good and tight!

Mistress didn’t like that type of behavior.

“You little whore,” Mistress said sternly. “You want the boys to touch your clit, well, I’ll lock it up so nobody gets to play with it, including you!”

Mistress placed the steel cage around Danielle’s cock and balls. Danielle let out a little whimper as Mistress J closed the lock and tossed the key to the side.

“Dirty girl, you are always trying to suck cock,” said Mistress J. Do you even know how?”

Danielle shook her head no. “I don’t know how, but really want to try it,” Danielle said quietly.


A glorious Glory Hole!

Mistress pointed to a wall of cocks and told Danielle she was going to have to suck off each one.

“See all those hard cocks?” Mistress J asked Danielle, who had already dropped to her knees in anticipation. “You suck them until I tell you to stop.  You need to practice sucking dick before I give you permission to go back to work and pleasure your coworkers.”

Danielle nodded eagerly. Her mouth was already beginning to water. She crawled over to the wall and hungrily began to suck on the smallest one, which was the blue cock.

She moaned with delight as her lips circled the member. This was even better than she imagined it would feel! It was so firm and round. The head felt so lovely to cup her lips around. Danielle bobbed her head up and down, slurping noisily and sliding down a little deeper each time. She hoped she looked like a porn star in action.

“Move to the black one.” Mistress J instructed. “Pretend it’s an ear of corn. Work it baby!”

Danielle moved her head along the BBC in a motion similar to playing the flute. Her lips glided along the outer rim, up and down the shaft. Her nose touched the balls and she slowly licked them. She slid back up to the top and circled the head with her tongue.

Danielle loved sucking these cocks. She felt very slutty and naughty. She loved the attention from Mistress J, she was working hard to please her.

Danielle next pleasured the purple and brown cock, following Mistress J’s orders. When she got to the IMG_20160216_162856606large white cock Mistress J gave her special instructions.

“The white one likes teeth. You need to learn to use your teeth properly without biting the damn thing off!”

Danielle nibbled and bit the cock noting Mistress J’s approval.

“Now deep throat it.” Mistress J ordered.

Danielle’s throat and mouth were warmed up now and the thing slid down her throat easily. However, the cock was long and when it hit the base of her throat she gagged a little.

“Keep going bitch.” said her Mistress.

Danielle obliged. She sucked and gagged, tears slid down her eyes and snot started coming out of her nose. She kept going, Mistress didn’t say to stop.

Her lips were getting tired and it was hard to breathe with the snot in her nose. She was afraid the gagging would make her puke, and she didn’t want that to happen. She was hoping Mistress would let her stop pleasing this big dick, but Mistress wasn’t saying anything. She was just watching and nodding.

IMG_20160216_163134953Danielle knew better than to stop. She was Mistress’ plaything and had to do as she was told. She sucked and gagged some more.

Finally, Mistress J told her to stop and to finish off the BBC with a titty fuck. Danielle did as she was told, taking it a step further to please Mistress J. She titty fucked both the blue and black cock and sucked the purple.

Mistress was very pleased indeed! When she was finished she got down on all fours and Mistress stuck a butt plug in Danielle’s boy pussy.

“You passed my test girl.” said Mistress J. “You may go and please the boys at work. But that cage stays on. When I decide you are ready, it will come off, and we will see what happens then!”

Mistress patted Danielle’s head and told her to stand up. She swatted Danielle’s behind as she was leaving.

“Go make mama proud!” Mistress J called out as Danielle left the house.

The End.

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Mistress J Studios is a sex positive studio that provides a safe place for personal expression. Nude male photography, male and female submission, cross dressing and gender bending are welcomed and encouraged here.

 My email is mistressjstudios@gmail.com.  I am in San Jose, California.  I look forward to hearing from you. 408-896-5836.