Locked Up for a Weekend and Made to Serve!

I have known Mike for 6 years, though it only feels like two. He has been featured in past blog and Twitter posts, and much has been made of his large balls. This past weekend, he had the opportunity for extended play and service.

Zip it! 

Mike arrived Friday afternoon with his custom made Bon 4 chastity device. (His balls are so huge, he had to order a device from the Netherlands) We did our usual hard core fun and games of CBT, paddling, nipple clamps, edging, bondage and anal.  It’s fun to play with Mike because he can take pain and is open to trying new things.

One of the new things he experienced that day was the Zipper! Clothespins on balls are common for Mike. but this time I had a shoelace strung in between. When I decided I had enough, I  gave a yank, and all the clothespins came off at once!

Cooling things off.

Next, he was going to try extended chastity lock up. In the past, his schedule had only allowed 1 night of being caged. I  was going to keep him caged Friday-Monday with some unique play on Sunday.

But first, we had to prep him for lock down. Mike gets excited when I spank him and he had a raging boner.  Because of that, we had trouble shoving his large jewels inside the cage. I had him cool things off in a bowl of ice water. Isn’t that a cute picture?

I sent him home with blue balls and the promise of play on Sunday. Apparently, this got him very excited and he had a hard time sleeping. He sent me this email and photo the next morning:

“This morning I woke to a morning wood at full attention even in the cage. I

Ready for take off!

couldn’t believe it, I was sticking straight out even with the weight of the cage, my balls pulled tight by the base ring and 3 inches of shaft behind the ring pushing the whole cage away from body.  It looked like a plane trying to take flight. I don’t think I’ve ever been that hard and frustrated in my life.  Knowing that you have the key and that I can’t really do anything is so intoxicating.”

Dressed to kill.

Sunday arrived, and Mike was the serving boy at my brunch for 3 kinky friends. Two women and one man arrived hungry and ready to see serving Mike in action. Mike was still caged, but I know sometimes a caged bird drips pre-cum, so I had him wear panties. This was his first time doing so. So many firsts for him this weekend.

He greeted the guests, taking their purses and offering drinks. He served our brunch, which was a spinach and cheese frittata, fruit salad, honey buns and sausage. He was polite, only speaking when spoken too and stood in the corner waiting for instructions. All the while he was on display.

After the meal, we went into the living room and we played two rounds of Jeopardy on my Alexa. Each guest had a paddle, and if he answered a question wrong, he received a whack or a clothespin on his balls, or both.

Nice buns!

We had cake and coffee, and two guests had to go, so me, Mike and another dominant woman headed upstairs to further torment Mike, and he liked it! Hey Mikey!
He was sent home and experienced another airplane situation that night. Hot and bothered, and not just from our heat wave, Mike came over Monday after work and I let him out of his cage.
I’ll give you three guesses what happened next!

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12 thoughts on “Locked Up for a Weekend and Made to Serve!

  1. Very fun read. Please tell me what the most interesting part of the session was… maybe this girl will get some of the same special treatment.

      • Maybe if I take the cage off and stand next to the practice mirror, you can decide if you’re ready for the real thing and take off yourself Tiffany. BTW, you really had a problem writing choked on the last line of your assignment a little while ago, I’m surprised MistressJ was so lienient.

        • I’d love to do a taste test for Tiffany. You and I stand next to each other with our cocks out. She’s on her knees pleasuring the cocks and having to guess who’s who.

        • If this is a true dare Mistress J we could make the Saturday session at the hotel more interesting. FYI I think Mistress J will he dressing me up as a school girl this trip everyone… the workout ideas maybe still possible as school has PE class.

          • How would Tiffany like to please a young man, late 20s, give him a little show and get on her knees for him?

  2. Fun times. Mike you should have Tiffany invite you to her hotel room where you could make the scene more like a call girl. My BF and I do this once and a while and hotel play is slightly hotter knowing it is not your room.

    My guy picks out an outfit that he leaves for me at the front desk so when I check in I get handed a package with my items. We will sometimes leave notes for how I should welcome him when he knocks on the door.

    Love these blog post MJ!

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