I’m Bringing Booty Back! All About that (b)Ass!*

Miss JThey like big butts, I cannot lie!

My curves tend to be an asset in my business, especially my big, juicy ass. I am, what you might say, bootyliciously built.

According to Cosmo, I AM fat. But according to my clients, I am perfect. Even when I was at my fittest, in my most splendid running shape, I had a curvy butt, a big butt. I couldn’t run it off, despite trying.

Over time, I noticed my lovers seemed to gravitate towards two favorite things, boobs and butt.  My hourglass curves became a source of inspiration and appreciation. After all, “Boys like a little more booty to hold at night.”* My lover enjoys rubbing his face on my cheeks and grabbing a handful of meaty lusciousness.Miss J Butt

I have certain clients who really dig my juicy butt. They ask me if they can worship it during a session. I usually agree if they have been good. This worship can consist of staring at my curvy loveliness to jiggling a cheek to music. A VERY good boy might be allowed to bury his face in it and plant a soft kiss.

FemDomI am rather fond of smothering my clients. Reward or punishment, the sight of my curvylicious booty crushing you will send delectable shivers down your spine.

Do you crave dominance from a woman with junk in all the right place? If so, then get your ass over here so you can worship mine!

If you are curious about ass worship and Feminine Domination, I invite you to contact me for a session in my San Jose studio.

Mistress J Studios is a sex positive studio that provides a safe place for personal expression. Nude male photography, male and female submission, cross dressing and gender bending are welcomed and encouraged here.

Intrigued? Contact me. My email is Mistressjstudios@gmail.com.  I am in San Jose, California.  I look forward to hearing from you. 408-896-5836.

 *These quotes are from the song All About That Bass by Meghan Trainor.

4 thoughts on “I’m Bringing Booty Back! All About that (b)Ass!*

  1. WOW Miss J!

    No lie – you definitely got that bass, honey!

    Absolutely beautiful photos – especially the new boudoir lingerie shots you recently posted to The Lovely Miss J gallery. The one of you standing in front of the mirror is stunning and one of my fave lingerie shots ever. The shot of you lying on the bed gazing out the window is incredibly sexy. My dear you have a breathtaking body and a beautiful ass!

    The Lovely Miss J – that’s the truth!

  2. Hello Miss J, the pics in your gallery that do it for me are the ones of you naked with the sheets covering you. You still leave alot for the imagination. Mmmmm those lovely curves my dear. I’m looking forward to a nice Nuru fbsm. Talk about arousal facture right now.

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