A Tale of Two Sissies

Actually, it was one sissy, but she saw me twice. Tiffany was trapped inside of a young, Asian male's body. She longed for freedom, but lacked a safe place for expression. Tiffany had never sucked cock, but wanted to. She had never been pounded up the ass, but desired it. Tiffany had never worn … [Read more...]

A Few More (new) Things…

Talk about Spring Cleaning! I thought I'd use the first day of summer to talk about all the spring changes I made here at my humble abode. The condo was painted from top to bottom. New carpeting was installed on the stairs, landing and my bedroom. Now the best part: Laminate Flooring! The … [Read more...]

A Mistress Among Many. Miss J Went to DomCon LA!

Last month, I attended DomCon in LA. It was a birthday gift to myself, as I have always wanted to attend. DomCon was celebrating it's 15th anniversary, and it was the weekend after my birthday, so it seemed like a good sign I should attend. I was only there for the weekend, from May 11-13, but the … [Read more...]

May is My Birthday Month. Read Some Birthday Porn.

This is a made up fantasy. A product of my deviant and dirty mind. Enjoy. (This is not offered in a session pervs, please don't ask.)   Another year passes, time to add another candle to the cake! My slut knows I enjoy my birthday, and that I enjoy presents. The slut arrives at my house, … [Read more...]

Harness the Energy! Can a harness help in strap-on play?

The short answer is hell ya! But I digress. A friend was over today, and as I was shoving one dildo up his butt, and another in his mouth, I wondered if I could somehow harness this sexy energy and generate electricity. If I could, imagine how low my power bills would go! If anyone out there … [Read more...]