Having a Ball!

  Bollocks! Mistress J loves to play with balls. They swing and bounce, they are fun to poke and prod and even twist! As my plaything, I get to do what I want to you. Instead of grabbing a fistful of dollars, I often will grab a fistful of balls! Ball play is fun because it doesn't … [Read more...]

Drilling Me Softly… The Joy of the Drill-Do!

"I heard she sang a good song..."* Yes, Mistress J is always on the lookout for new toys, and since 90% of her visitors enjoy ass play, she recently invested in a Drill-Do. You see, women enjoy power tools as much as men, and this lil' beauty has proven itself to be the queen of my crop. … [Read more...]

Down of the Farm. Fall is Harvest Time!

Were you pervs aware Mistress J is a farmer? Yes indeed. She specializes in a particular form of animal husbandry; the male cock! And now that its fall, let's harvest these guys.   Cockadoodledo! The farm is a serene place, full of peaceful animals except for one. There is one very … [Read more...]

The Perils of Being My Plaything!

It's not my fault you are a dirty slut. But you are, and you need to be punished! When you visit me, you agree to be my plaything. Your body is here for my amusement and entertainment. After we negotiate our boundaries, you become mine!  Now the peril begins...      Taming … [Read more...]

A Handmade Tale. A Peek Inside Mistress J’s Dungeon!

  It is said that necessity it the mother of invention. Well, Mistress J is blessed with a keen imagination and talented kinky friends who can help her invent pervy items for the dungeon! Let's take a look around the dungeon and see what has been crafted by hand. The largest item is my … [Read more...]