Cum on Boys, Eat Up!

This is a bit of taboo subject. But many men enjoy cum eating. Some like it hot, some like it cold. Some like it forced into their mouth, while doing what they're told. I feel turnabout is fair play. If a man wants a woman to swallow his spunk, he can to the same. Cum eating and cum … [Read more...]

The Stockings Were Hung by the Chimney With Care…

with hopes that Mistress J soon would be there! Some men have a really strong stocking/antyhose fetish. So strong that the sight and feeling of silky stockings send them straight into subspace. This post is for the guys who like stockings. My favorite thing to do to a fetishist is to … [Read more...]

Wax and Wane. A tale of wax play.

Mistress J has a steady stream of regular clients with particular interests. Today's blog post features Moe,* a gentleman who is really into the art of wax play. Always on the lookout for things to delight my guests, I came across these body wax candles . from Agreeable Agony when … [Read more...]

A Tale of Two Sissies

Actually, it was one sissy, but she saw me twice. Tiffany was trapped inside of a young, Asian male's body. She longed for freedom, but lacked a safe place for expression. Tiffany had never sucked cock, but wanted to. She had never been pounded up the ass, but desired it. Tiffany had never worn … [Read more...]

A Few More (new) Things…

Talk about Spring Cleaning! I thought I'd use the first day of summer to talk about all the spring changes I made here at my humble abode. The condo was painted from top to bottom. New carpeting was installed on the stairs, landing and my bedroom. Now the best part: Laminate Flooring! The … [Read more...]