How Liberating! Hands free pleasure at the studio.

Mistress J is all about multi-tasking. So any devices that can help her do two things at once, or sit back and enjoy a show are always welcomed. Recently, Texas Tim gifted me with the Liberator Wanda Magic Toy Mount, The Wand Essentials Strap Cap and the Wand Essentials Passion Pillow Wand … [Read more...]

Serves Me Right! Serving Me with a Smile.

I have said this before, and I will say it again, I get pleasure out of pleasing my guests. Many men delight in serving women. I like those men. So, if my guests want to serve me, and who am I to deny them their pleasure?  If someone wants to honor me with service and chores as part … [Read more...]

A New Year, A Kinky New You!

Here's to 2018!  I don't know about you, but I am glad to have a new year on the books. Lots of fun things will take place over here at Mistress J's. The biggest news is I will be redecorating my house and play space! That includes new paint and flooring, and maybe one or two new pieces … [Read more...]

Having a Ball!

  Bollocks! Mistress J loves to play with balls. They swing and bounce, they are fun to poke and prod and even twist! As my plaything, I get to do what I want to you. Instead of grabbing a fistful of dollars, I often will grab a fistful of balls! Ball play is fun because it doesn't … [Read more...]

Drilling Me Softly… The Joy of the Drill-Do!

"I heard she sang a good song..."* Yes, Mistress J is always on the lookout for new toys, and since 90% of her visitors enjoy ass play, she recently invested in a Drill-Do. You see, women enjoy power tools as much as men, and this lil' beauty has proven itself to be the queen of my crop. … [Read more...]